Beware of FTC v. Neora – Review

The FTC v. Neora trial began on October 17 and is currently ongoing.

In 2019, the FTC launched a lawsuit against Neora (then Nerium). According to the authorities, Neora is a pyramid scam.

The proceedings concluded on October 25; a decision is anticipated by November 23.

Following the conclusion of the FTC v. Neora trial on October 25, the parties were ordered to submit post-trial papers within thirty days.

The 24th of November is the Thanksgiving Day federal holiday in the United States.

As a result, on October 27 the parties asked that the filing date be extended up to November 23.

The court has not yet issued an order on the October 27th Joint Stipulation at the time of publishing. I do not anticipate any problems, as the alternative is a deadline after Thanksgiving.

When the confirmation of the November 23rd stipulation arrives, I’ll post it below.

Realistically, we then anticipate a verdict during the first few weeks of December. I would be astonished if it continued through 2023.

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