Beware of Gustav Poola & Gilbert Pardla & DagCoin – Review

Gustav Poola and Gilbert Pardla were identified as the two unidentified DagCoin suspects.

Along with the inventor of DagCoin, Nils Grossberg, and an insider, Kris Ress, Pardla and Poola were detained by Estonian police last month.

Geenius verified Pardla and Poola’s detention in a paywalled piece published on October 31.

Gilbert Pardla (right) defines himself on social media as

An entrepreneur, trader, investor, and Blockchain technology enthusiast.

I play a variety of significant responsibilities in several cryptography-related development initiatives.

I have extensive expertise in managing a variety of firms, departments, and projects, as well as the leadership qualities and work experience necessary to manage teams.

Today, I am primarily the owner and CEO of a Norwegian construction firm, as well as the owner and investor of a few Estonian businesses.

Uncertain whether Pardla is a DagCoin owner.

Gustav Poola (right) is the CEO of Levercode.

Grossberg established Levercode to manage the IT aspects of DagCoin and Success Factory.

As reported by Genius on October 31st, following Grossberg’s arrest, Levercode stated it will lay off all 21 of its workers.

Levercode will be restructured and operations will continue from Poland.

One would assume that the arrest of DagCoin and Success Factory’s owners, executives, and insiders would likewise suspend their operations. Not so.

The official Facebook page for DagCoin was most recently updated on October 5th. Considering that the Ponzi scam crashed earlier this year, this is hardly surprising.

Success Factory is proceeding with its targeting of American consumers.

After the failure of DagCoin, Success Factory shifted to forex-themed securities fraud. This corresponded with the selection of Roald Mailly and Jason Tyne as European and American CEOs, respectively, of Success Factory.

Success Factory is thought to have been owned and controlled by Igor Alberts from the Netherlands before the collapse of DagCoin.

It’s thought that a secret bargain was struck when there were no more Ponzi coins to peddle. This rendered Alberts a passive investor whose financial details are now unknown.

Alberts verified this at the end of October, stating that the agreement ended shortly before the Estonian arrests.

BehindMLM firmly feels that Dutch officials are protecting Alberts.

In this regard, DagCoin and Success Factory more closely resemble OneCoin and OneLife than the two other Ponzi schemes.

Long ago, Ruja Ignatova’s ties to organized crime in Russia and Bulgaria were suspected. OneCoin and OneLife continue to swindle customers under the protection of the Bulgarian government.

Certainly, ties to Russian, Bulgarian, or even Dutch organized crime would explain Success Factory’s ability to continue scamming clients. It also explains the Dutch government’s continued inactivity.

Until Dutch authorities take action, which appears unlikely at this moment, Success Factory continues to swindle Dutch consumers.

It is alleged that DagCoin itself scammed users of hundreds of millions of dollars.

In addition to the monies stolen by Igor Alberts and other high-earning DagCoin and Success Factory employees, the majority of invested assets remain unaccounted for.

A drive into the United States by former OneCoin fraudsters with possible connections to organized crime would catch the attention of United States authorities.

It remains to be seen how Success Factory’s drive into the United States would ultimately play out.

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