Beware of SeedChange & SEC – Review

The “PAUSE list” maintained by the SEC now includes SeedChange.

“Public Alert: Unregistered Soliciting Entities” is what PAUSE stands for.

The SEC says that the firms on the PAUSE list use

using false information to seek investors, mainly from outside the United States, impersonating real companies, or posing as a fake regulator.

As a company pretending to be a legitimate company, SeedChange is included on the PAUSE list until December 2021.

In December 2020, BehindMLM first saw SeedChange. The business operates a Ponzi scam.

False affiliations with multiple phony businesses are connected to the Ponzi scheme run by SeedChange.

This is consistent with the way that Yosemite Execution Partners and SeedChange Execution Partners have impersonated one another.

Around September 2021, SeedChange failed. The Ponzi scam was restarted with a new internet domain but the same name.

Since then, the con artists have started yet another Ponzi scheme, this time with Yosemite Execution Partners, the parent company of SeedChange Execution Partners as the target.

In August, the domain name “” was registered. The registration was most recently updated on November 17, the same day that the Yosemite EP website went live.

The Ponzi scheme Yosemite EP promises daily profits of up to 1.8%.

Scammers posing as Yosemite EP are promoting their scheme as an alternative to SeedChange:

If you look at the Yosemite EP website’s source code, you can still see that it uses SeedChange’s favicon:

Yosemite EP operates their Ponzi scam on the premise of bogus affiliation, similar to SeedChange.

Yosemite EP won’t be getting a separate review from BehindMLM as, as far as I know, it isn’t MLM.

We ask Alexa to tell us why the SeedChange fraudsters have restarted a third time.

For SeedChange’s current website, according to Alexa traffic estimations, traffic started to fall in late October:

A few weeks later, Yosemite EP was released.

At the time of publishing, according to Alexa, the US accounted for 97% of all visitors to SeedChange’s website.

Although the Yosemite EP website isn’t yet old enough to produce solid data, the situation is probably the same.

It is uncertain whether US authorities will take more action against SeedChange and Yosemite EP.

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