Beware of Success4All & OmegaPro – Review

Ironically called “Success4All,” Igor Alberts’ OneCoin, DagCoin, and Success Factory downline appear poised to join the OmegaPro Ponzi scheme.

Since the arrest of DagCoin founder Nils Grossberg a month ago, Success4All executives have intimated that they are preparing to join a new fraud.

In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel on October 26, Quini Amores prepares Success4All victims for OmegaPro.

OmegaPro is a Ponzi fraud conducted out of Dubai by Dilawar Singh, Andreas Szakacs, and Mike Sims.

Amores frames his video as a response to concerns over fraud in OmegaPro.

In response to “why OmegaPro now?

” (as a result of the collapse of the DagCoin Ponzi scam and the arrest of its owner), Amores states;

Since two and a half years ago, I’ve been exposed to the OmegaPro prospect.

At that time, I was among those who may have joined.

Amores continues by stating that Igor Alberts’s continued participation in the DagCoin and Success Factory Ponzi schemes was ultimately the reason he remained.

Now is the greatest moment for me because I have more experience, the business has figures, and they’ve already completed the task without me.

And because I am aware of what will transpire over the following two years, I have determined that the company’s management team will join me in this endeavor.

The 2019 debut of OmegaPro promises a 200% ROI in sixteen months. Early investors and top recruiters will have cashed out, and it is statistically certain that the bulk of current investors will incur a loss.

Instead of acknowledging the tens of thousands of victims, Success4All has taken from via OneCoin, Dagcoin, and Success Factory, Amores resorts to the “attacks”, “people don’t understand”, and “shoot the messenger” scam tropes.

Why do so many YouTube users and social network users criticize OmegaPro?

For me, assaults on social media like YouTube are quite rational, given that, first and foremost, people falsify facts about anything.

But if one is observant and checks the source of the material, one realizes that sometimes it is only to profit from the visits of those who will view the information.

Amores then complains that nobody (with the possible exception of Ted Nuyten’s BusinessForHome) says anything nice about Ponzi schemes that take millions of dollars from consumers.

Based on OmegaPro’s illicit business model, Amores commits wire and securities fraud while skirting the Ponzi scheme.

For me, understanding the legality of a corporation on the market is a straightforward matter; I have always believed that the police are not dumb.

If there were a location where you can obtain all the information about any corporation in the world today, it would be it.

The firm has functioned for four years based on facts, not on beliefs.

But what is the legality issue that businesses face?

The concern that competition may sometimes apply to all of them, let’s say companies, through social media, or the opinions of individuals who have never accomplished anything and don’t want you to succeed, since they sometimes have an impact on opinions.

It is extremely easy.

A corporation that has different registrations in several nations, such as the Grenadine Islands, and is headquartered in Dubai appears to be from another planet to me.

They inhabit this world and have rules. They are also subject to English law, which provides me with peace of mind.

As a result of the impossibility of breaking the law for someone who has achieved such a level of accomplishment.

The majority of Amor’s babbling is nonsensical, but I will address the key issues.

Initially, Dubai. Dubai is the world’s MLM crime capital.

Regarding financial fraud regulation, Dubai turns a blind eye. This is precisely why OmegaPro and other MLM organizations have their headquarters there, and why the crime-ridden emirate is so appealing to Success4All’s professional con artists.

Although not as infamous as Dubai, the Grenadine Islands are another country without active securities regulation.

Even though the United Kingdom is also a scam-friendly state, OmegaPro has nothing to do with it. I have no idea why Amores brought this up.

Regarding the claim that “no one with such huge success can engage in illegal behavior,” one needs simply consider Amores’ two prior Ponzi scams.

I wish to add that the amount of money taken through a Ponzi scheme is in no way an indicator of success, yet this is how con artists like Amores view the world.

In light of this, OneCoin was a $4 billion Ponzi scam. It is alleged that DagCoin stole more than $300 million.

Authorities in the United States have led the way in capturing OneCoin insiders and money launderers.

BehindMLM claims that the only reason Igor Alberts, who stole over $100 million through OneCoin and potentially tens of millions through DagCoin and Success Factory, is still at large is because Dutch officials have provided him with sanctuary.

By Amores’ reasoning, the “success” of OneCoin, DagCoin, and Success Factory disproves their status as Ponzi schemes.

Without a doubt, your Quini Amoreses, Igor Albertus, and Ted Nuytenses believe this. However, it is not grounded in reality.

Without the protection of unscrupulous Dubai officials, OmegaPro would likely have been shut down by now.

So far, OmegaPro has received securities fraud alerts from the Republic of the Congo (several arrests), Spain (two fraud alerts), Mauritius, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Nicaragua, France (added to the fraud blacklist twice), Belgium, and Peru.

In September, OmegaPro’s website had over 2.5 million hits, the majority of which come from Colombia (62%) and Argentina (13%).

This is unsustainable and shows that OmegaPro has hit critical mass, which is presumably where Success4All enters the picture.

Igor Alberts, Quini Amores, and the rest of the Success4All fraudsters will be tasked with recruiting new victims by whatever financial arrangements have been established in secret.

If OneCoin, DagCoin, and Success4All are any indication, this most certainly involves plundering Europe (again). At least attempting to.

After two years, OmegaPro’s exploding 200% ROI liabilities will continue to worsen. Even for the most prominent Ponzi scheme marketers, attempting to rebut the math is a difficult endeavor.

Success4All’s efforts may also be hampered by the ghosts of DagCoin and Success Factory, both of which are alleged to have links to European organized crime.

In a recent Instagram post…

…Cimbala indicated that DagCoin and Success Factory had

They hacked the leaders’ social media accounts and sent thieves to their homes using the address obtained via the KYC system.

Cimbala is the brother of Andreea, the ex-wife of Igor Alberts, the kingpin of Success4All.

Consumer losses from OneCoin, Dagcoin, and Success Factory are estimated to be at least $150 million.

How much further financial harm OmegaPro adds to the total remains to be seen.

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