Beware of Leonardo Cositorto & All Us – Review

The creator of the discredited Generation Zoe Ponzi scam, Leonardo Cositorto, is presently being detained in an Argentine prison on fraud-related charges.

Cositorto has now introduced All Us Education, intensifying its fight against fraud.

According to its website, All Us Education is an “academy.”

Turn becoming a Super Coach

Being the change you wish to see in the world can help you to learn how to establish the correct circumstances for coaching or possible conversations.

Learn about business leadership, trade, the future, and a variety of other topics.

All Us Education is composed of former Generation Zoe investors, which is not unexpected.

The business plan is uncomplicated. Join, pay $6, refer five people, and make money.

All Us Education is a pyramid scheme, to put it another way.

Cositorto (right) claims that neither Generation Zoe nor All Us Education were/are pyramid schemes in a recent interview delivered from behind bars.

A pyramid exists when there is no product and you profit anytime you get others to join.

Thirdly, neither the invitee nor the inviter can ever make more money. However, the product is mostly absent.

Additionally, Zoe did have a product—it was educational.

Adding a product to a Ponzi and/or pyramid scheme does not make it legitimate; Generation Zoe was, after all, first and foremost a Ponzi scam (all MLM Ponzi schemes include a pyramid component).

Fraud is defined by a business model, regardless of whether items are involved. However, we do have a product! Ruse hasn’t existed for more than twenty years.

All Us Education doesn’t serve any retail clients. You register as an affiliate, find new affiliates, and earn money doing so. Again, regardless of what that’s tied to (in this example, some phony education platform), All Us Education is operating under the principles of a pyramid scam.

Oh, and they probably also sell your personal information;

What private information do we gather?

Your personal information, including name, surname, apartment address, email address, courses of interest, citizenship, gender, location and date of birth, and phone number, is gathered and stored by our academy through our channels.

As of the beginning of October, All Us Education has lost $6500. It doesn’t appear likely to catch on beyond double scamming Generation Zoe victims.

Selling the narrative rights to Generation Zoe is another way for Costitorto to make money, but this has its own set of issues (accuracy being the primary concern).

Two multinational production firms are working on the project. Vice TV, one of them, is situated in London.

They claim that the other is an American corporation based on their surroundings. Vice TV contacted Cositorto, PROFILE CRDOBA verified via the provincial government.

It was in April of this year that he was able to rebuild this medium. The discussion went on from there. The deal was signed in the middle of the year, and it was afterward shot.

Scenes are set in the Bouwer jail, the location of the Cositorto interviews.

They cited the atmosphere of Generation Zoe’s CEO as evidence that the agreement is a component of a secrecy agreement.

Production is nearing its conclusion.

There are reportedly two interested parties after the Generation Zoe Ponzi scandal as of October 30.

In July, Cositorto, who had been detained ever since his extradition to Argentina in April, received the third denial of bail.

There haven’t been any substantial developments in the Cositorto criminal case since the July bail refusal.

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