Beware of Hyperverse – Review Part 6

Executives of Hyperverse are in hiding, according to reports following the demise of Blockchain Global, a crypto bro business co-founded by Ryan Xu (aka Zijing Xu) and Samuel Lee (aka Xue Lee) in Australia.

The new renaming of the Ponzi scam HyperFund is Hyperverse. The HyperTech organization, of which Xu and Lee are both CEOs, oversees the management of both businesses.

Usually, Ryan Xu is portrayed as HyperTech’s owner and serves as the company’s public face.

The CEO of HyperFund and Chairman of HyperTech is identified as Sam Lee (right).

Blockchain Global, the duo’s prior plan, failed in October. $21 million that is owed to the creditors of Xu and Lee is being sought by liquidators.

According to a The Age story on the Supreme Court’s liquidation procedures in November

Bitcoin and Ethereum valued in the millions were among Blockchain Global’s assets.

Allan Guo acknowledged having access to Blockchain Global’s cryptocurrency, but the login information was stored on a laptop that had vanished.

Guo alleges that his things, including the laptop, were taken in late 2019 when he was in China.

Guo was asked to present a police record to verify the theft, but she hasn’t been able to do that as of yet.

Regarding the “continued holding of Blockchain Global’s bitcoin,” Lee has not responded to messages left for her.

Lee has been contacted by liquidators via email and WeChat.

The current directors of Blockchain are currently located abroad and are difficult to reach.

Earlier this year, Xu, Lee, and the other executives from HyperTech escaped to Dubai.

At a HyperFund event that was initially scheduled to take place on US territory last month, Xu failed to appear.

The victims of Xu and Lee’s ACX fraud are suing for more than $10 million in losses in addition to Blockchain Global’s bankruptcy.

A cryptocurrency investment plan called ACX was introduced by Blockchain Global. In February 2020, it fell apart.

By that time, Xu and Lee had already founded HyperTech and started the Ponzi scam known as HyperCapital.

Midway through 2020, HyperCapital failed, leading HyperTech to introduce HyperFund.

Following HyperFund is Hyperverse, an NFT Ponzi scam that hides behind a video game with a space theme.

Ryan Xu and the executives of HyperTech were said to have fled after the launch of Hyperverse with a Boris CEO actor.

8th December 2021 update: Blockchain Investor losses worldwide have already reached AUD 48.9 million.

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