Beware of Frank Schneider & Onecoin – Review Part 2

Unexpectedly, the government of Luxembourg has announced it would not object to Frank Schneider’s extradition.

According to an RTL report dated November 7th; Frank Schneider, a former employee of SREL, was extradited to the US despite Luxembourg’s efforts to stop it. The courts and the prime minister both agree on this.

Parliament was asked whether the government would get involved. Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel said that his

There is no legal way to stop the extradition of a Luxembourg national who is not in Luxembourg.

The inability of Luxembourg to fully investigate OneCoin was cited as the reason behind the decision.

It was an incident that had previously been thoroughly looked into in the US for several years. This case would not be suitable for Luxembourg to handle on an international scale.

Any Luxembourgian extradition involvement would be predicated on a local criminal probe, which is now lacking.

It was commonly believed that Schneider would vanish without a trace if he returned to Luxembourg.

Schneider (right), who appears angered by the news, asserts that Luxembourg’s government “is not interested in his situation.”

When Lydie Lorang, Schneider’s Luxembourg-based attorney, was approached by RTL, she said;

This nation’s judiciary may have launched a probe into potential money laundering.

After all, Frank Schneider’s business, “Sandstone,” operated in Luxembourg as well.

Frank Schneider himself claims that the prosecutor’s office never looked over the entire case file.

Separately, Schneider’s Sandstone company has reportedly “gone down,” according to Intelligence Online.

Currently, when you try to access SandStone’s website, you get the default settings page:

Schneider’s extradition is ultimately up to the French authorities. They have no justification for rejecting the US request, but regrettably, we lack a deadline.

Luxembourg’s declaration that it won’t interfere presumably moves the French choice one step closer to realization.

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