Beware of OmegaPro & PulseWorld- Review

OmegaPro looks to have hit a tipping point.

The Ponzi scheme has now launched its own crypto token exit scam, after a bonus investment offer.

Rather than admitting ownership, OmegaPro portrays its Pulse Token as a collaboration with Pulse World.

Pulse World was born from Pulse, a failed cryptocurrency project founded by crypto bro Mehdi Cherif.

Pulse Music, which was launched in January 2022, was initially supposed to be a crypto music streaming network.

According to a notice on the Pulse World website, Pulse also did or intended to provide gambling.

By using our Platform to access any betting, gambling, and casino (“Gambling”) Services, you agree that there is a considerable risk of losing your funds owing to the nature of such services.

Pulse World has joined the metaverse grift bandwagon after being acquired by OmegaPro (the particular financial arrangement has not been published).

It’s the same gimmick employed by every other MLM crypto Ponzi. Buzzwords, claims that VR is a breakthrough business idea – all to entice you to invest and keep the gravy train flowing.

XPL is a useless BEP-20 shittoken in terms of technology. These are simple to put up and cost little to nothing.

OmegaPro’s move from FX securities fraud to complete crypto securities fraud is marked by Pulse World and Pulse Token (XPL) (OmegaPro has always solicited cryptocurrency investment).

OmegaPro is currently giving 320% returns on XPL token investments as a result of this shift.

OmegaPro offers XPL token investment packages ranging from $100 to $50,000.

The official pitch is invested in XPL tokens for 16 months, yielding a daily return of 0.246% to 0.329%.

Everything is dependent on the “number going up”…

…which isn’t going to happen in the long run since nobody outside of OmegaPro cares about another Ponzi garbage token.

We’ve seen this before when an MLM Ponzi introduces their coin, which is how OmegaPro’s exit scam got started.

XPL investment only pays off in XPL tokens, which OmegaPro creates out of thin air for free. There has been no announcement on the FX investment plans switching to XPL rewards. If it hasn’t already been implemented, it will be soon.

The exit scam begins when fresh investment ceases and OmegaPro’s ROI obligations, which rise exponentially over time, become so large that a collapse occurs.

Bagholders, i.e. OmegaPro affiliates, are then left with a Ponzi crap token with which they can accomplish nothing.

A debit card stolen from an anonymous shady vendor is another new OmegaPro development.

The VISA cards have been distributed to OmegaPro’s top investors and recruiters, making it easier for them to withdraw the remaining monies.

The identity of the shell business and shady merchant OmegaPro used to scam VISA remains unknown.

A.K. Khalil is the latest MLM business star to fall for Dubai Ponzi money.

Khalil joined OmegaPro as COO “a few weeks” ago, after leaving Jeunesse (which appears to be a recent pattern as speculations of an ACN purchase circulate).

After his own MLM firm, Cloud 9 Life, failed in 2021, Khalil joined Jeunesse. Khalil served as Jeunesse’s President of Global Field Development for less than a year and a half.

Khalil, who claims to be “not that brilliant,” has been in MLM for 23 years. Aside from intelligence, that’s ample time to realize OmegaPro is a Ponzi scheme.

OmegaPro, a fraud in which the vast majority of investors would undoubtedly lose money, is described by Khalil as “the greatest opportunity before us today.” Times must be difficult.

Khalil joins Eric Worre and Les Brown in destroying their personal and professional reputations to make fast cash.

megaPro’s XPL token was launched in response to a 30% decrease in website traffic in September and October 2022.

This corresponds to a decrease in fresh investment in an MLM Ponzi scam.

To that end, OmegPro XPL token holders can only withdraw 10% of the daily ROI paid out. Existing FX investment plan withdrawals have presumably also been restricted.

I term of regulation, Andreas Szakacs (Sweden), Mike Sims (US), and Dilawar Singh run OmegaPro from Dubai.

Dubai is the world’s MLM crime capital, so don’t expect any regulation there.

OmegaPro avoids the United States and focuses on scamming third-world countries to keep the Ponzi going as long as possible.

OmegaPro is currently pillaging Columbia (42%, down 34% month on month), Argentina (18%), and Mexico (8%), according to SimilarWeb.

OmegaPro recruitment appears to have stalled in France and the Netherlands (Igor Alberts notwithstanding).

OmegaPro has piqued the interest of financial regulators outside of Dubai.

OmegaPro has already received securities fraud warnings from Peru, Congo Republic (multiple arrests), Spain (two fraud warnings), Mauritius, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Nicaragua, France (added to the fraud blacklist twice), and Belgium.

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