Beware of HyperFund – Review

The HyperFund Ponzi scam is being promoted by a German mayor to his residents.

The public broadcaster Saarland Radio launched an undercover investigation of a Kaiserslautern mayor.

Kaiserslautern is a rural district in western Germany.

Saarland Radio dos not identify the mayor by name as of November 25th, 2021.

The mayor in question, according to BehindMLM reader Melanie in the comments below, is Uli Zimmer.

Zimmer describes himself as a “bitcoin lover” on LinkedIn.

Uli Zimmer was advertising ACN in Germany about 2016.

I’m not certain this is the same Zimmer. If it is, it may give some insight into Zimmer’s activities prior to the MLM crypto Ponzi scams. /finish updating

According to Saarland Radio, the mayor “promised private persons a return of up to 200 percent.”

HyperFund, as detailed here on BehindMLM in April 2021, is a Ponzi fraud promising returns of up to 300%.

Saarland Radio cautions after conducting their own investigation into HyperFund, which included consumer activists and attorneys.

Hyperfund may be an unlawful pyramid scam in which investors lose money.

BaFin, Germany’s top financial regulator, revealed last month that it was investigating HyperFund for securities fraud.

Nothing has emerged of the probe as of yet.

Meanwhile, a local mayor promoting HyperFund appears to be a blatant misuse of power.

Investors recruited by the mayor informed Saarland Radio that they “paid in money mostly because of the local politician’s credibility.”

While Saarland Radio does not reveal the mayor’s identity, local media reports that he is “the top German recruiter” for HyperFund.

When questioned, the mayor’s counsel informed Saarland Radio that “he was not pushing HyperFund as mayor.”

That, of course, is nonsense. What you do as the currently elected mayor reflects on your office.

Despite the fact that the mayor’s position is an important aspect of his HyperFund Ponzi scheme;

A video on the mayor’s Facebook page promotes his seminars. He never addresses his office.

However, his name, community, and office are all included in the title. “Do you trust a mayor?” the text asks.

A lady admits in the seminars that she did not initially invest in Hyperfund.

The concept appeared rational and plausible to her after a phone discussion with the local mayor.

“You were a confidante, you are the mayor,” she says literally. Yes, and then I said, “All right, all I’ve got: in!”

Unfortunately, HyperFund is not the only MLM Ponzi scam that a politician has been discovered endorsing.

In our own research, BehindMLM exposed John Wuo’s promotion of the USFIA Ponzi fraud.

Wuo, a former mayor, was a member of the Arcadia City Council at the time.

Wuo resigned in disgrace after originally denying involvement.

Wuo earned $1.8 million from USFIA, according to a court-appointed Receiver.

Following an inquiry, the California Fair Political Practices Commission determined Wuo violated the Political Reform Act. He was fined $2000 as a result.

There are two reported cases in the UK of local politicians advocating the Ponzi scam on their voters. One in 2015 (Hailsham) and one more in 2018. (Woking).

The council halted the 2015 attempt before it could take off.

The Woking attempt faded quietly once recruitment ultimately failed. Nobody has ever been held responsible, to the best of my knowledge.

I’m not sure what the German rules are about politicians engaged in unlawful conduct. If such a body exists, this appears to be a slam-dunk case for a political commission.

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