Beware of 5 Billion Sales- Review

Russia has issued a pyramid scheme notice to 5 Billion Sales.

According to a November 19th warning from the Central Bank of Russia, 5 Billion Sales shows “marks of a pyramid scheme.”

Earlier last week, BehindMLM examined 5 Billion Sales. We also decided that 5 Billion Sales was a pyramid scam based on its business approach.

As far as we can determine, the fraudsters behind 5 Billion Sales are attempting to develop an email list. They also want to take over social media profiles.

According to Alexa rankings at the time of publication, 5 Billion Sales recruitment is primarily taking place in the United States (15%), Russia (8%), and Mexico (8%).

5 Billion Sales indicates that it is operated from the United Kingdom. This is quite improbable.

An MLM firm based in or claiming to be based in the United Kingdom is a red flag.

In the United Kingdom, incorporation is dirt cheap and virtually uncontrolled. Furthermore, the FCA, the United Kingdom’s leading financial regulator, does not actively regulate MLM-related securities fraud.

As a result, the United Kingdom is a popular destination for fraudsters wishing to incorporate, run, and market bogus businesses.

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