O’Qubuss is a Fraud – Review

The Ponzi scam run by O’Qubuss has failed.

Daily refunds and withdrawals have been halted as of November 16th “official message.”

Affiliate recruiting and new investment have also been blocked, leaving O’Qubuss in the lurch, along with no withdrawals.

Despite the evident collapse, O’Qubuss remains optimistic.

The project is not closed, and normal activities and payments will continue in the next days.

O’Qubuss withdrawals are still considered to be blocked as of November 18th.

Instead of simply admitting that O’Qubuss was a Ponzi scheme that failed, the corporation blames “changes and the bad behavior of the key trading marketplaces.”

O’Qubuss is the third reboot of the twice-failed Ponzi scam IX Inversors. It has absolutely nothing to do with trading or “the markets.”

O’Qubuss, which debuted in July, only lasted a few months.

CEO Alexander Hernandez oversees both IX Inversors and O’Qubuss.

According to SimilarWeb, O’Qubuss website traffic has been steadily declining in recent months.

Ecuador accounts for 100% of O’Qubuss’ website traffic.

Ecuador issued a securities fraud notice to IX Inversors in February. Since then, there has been no more regulatory action.

As a consequence, the overall number of IX Inversors and O’Qubuss victims, as well as the amount they’ve lost, remain unclear.

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