Beware of QNet – Review Part 3

Ghana’s young are tired of being targeted for recruitment by QNet fraudsters.

According to Pulse, a gang of “angry teenagers” armed with machetes, sticks, and clubs raided a local QNet office earlier this week.

According to a group representative,

QNet is a scam that has defrauded many individuals.

Because of the presence of QNet Independent Representatives and hundreds of victims, criminality has grown in the neighborhood.

As a result of the raid, at least one QNet fraudster was stabbed. Protesting teens had planned to torch the office, but were prevented by authorities, according to Pulse.

Since the incident, the Nkenkaasu QNet office has been shuttered.

One of the teens was detained as a result of the incident. On November 10th, the group protested in front of Nkenkaasu Police Station, demanding their release.

Surprisingly, it appears that QNet operates in Nkenkaasu with the approval of local authorities.

Mustapha Seido Mohammed, the Assembly member for the region, told Starr News that he was coordinating a stakeholder meeting with the community, police, and QNet authorities to address the conflict.

He told Starr News that QNet began functioning in the town a year and a half ago, after meeting with him, the traditional authorities, and the police.

Ghana’s Deputy Minister of Information conducted a press conference about QNet’s commercial activities two days ago.

Ms. Fatimatu Abubakar, speaking at a press conference in Accra yesterday, said that victims of QNET ended up as captives in Côte d’Ivoire, Togo, Mali, and other countries under appalling conditions.

Victims are enticed into attractive non-existent positions only to become entangled in the activities of a network marketing firm, QNET.

“Upon arriving in these nations, the victims are stripped of their goods, held captive in deplorable conditions, and made to sign a contract under duress to commit to QNET services.”

“The only way for victims to get free is to be forced to recruit others into the company,” she explained.

Ghana’s Attorney-General has petitioned the Accra High Court to dissolve QNet and declare it an illegal enterprise on a national scale.

According to the A-G, QNET… participates in different “fraudulent schemes,” such as enticing the public to acquire items for exorbitant and non-existent profits.

QNet was evaluated by BehindMLM in December 2017. It was one of the most severe examples of an MLM pyramid scheme that we came across.

QNet continues to disregard victim hostage tactics across Africa as long as money is received from victims.

4th November 2022 – Update QNet has been compelled to leave Ghana following a regulatory enforcement action against the firm.

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