Beware of Matrix Empire – Review

Matrix Empire’s website does not provide information about the company’s ownership or executives.

On August 25th, 2022, Matrix Empire’s website domain (“”) was privately registered.

Further investigation finds that affiliate promoters identify Dustin Mansell as the proprietor of Matrix Empire.

Mansell posted a video to his YouTube channel titled “Matrix Empire Review – 1 Platform – 3 Income Streams” on October 7th. Mansell affirms in the video that he “founded” the corporation.

Mansell demonstrates his backoffice when signed in as a “admin” account (click to enlarge):

Mansell (right) is an outspoken proponent of MLM chances. He’s released videos for: in the last several months

Against All Odds – Dun Putnam NFT scheme Text ALN – seems to be a matrix-based recruiting plan
Hapi Travel is a travel-related MLM opportunity that is most likely a pyramid scheme.
IX Global – Arrest for MLM securities fraud and money laundering in India
Quick Silver is a derivative of ISN Coins.
Pyramid plan based on the Infinity Matrix
B-Eco – Dan Putnam fuel tab heist
Intelligence Prime Capital – Boris CEO crashed MLM crypto Ponzi Mansell also pushed Weed and Dealers BNB, a non-MLM crypto Ponzi that collapsed at 8% per day.

Mansell is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, according to his personal Facebook profile.

Continue reading for a comprehensive assessment of Matrix Empire’s MLM offer.

Products by Matrix Empire
Matrix Empire does not sell any goods or services.

Affiliates can only promote Matrix Empire affiliate membership.

A YouTube “ranking” lesson is included with Matrix Empire affiliate membership.

There are no specifics regarding the course supplied (content preview, who authored it etc.).

Matrix Empire’s Compensation Scheme
Affiliates of Matrix Empire sign up and pay a $45 monthly charge. When they attract others who do the same, they are paid commissions.

Matrix Empire distributes commissions using a 310 matrix.

A 310 matrix has an affiliate at the top and three positions behind them:

The initial level of the matrix is formed by these three places. The second level of the matrix is created by dividing the initial three places into three additional positions each (nine positions).

The matrix’s levels three through ten are created in the same way, with each new level containing three times as many spots as the preceding level.

Matrix Empire associates are recruited directly and indirectly to fill positions in the matrix.

As spots in the matrix are filled, the following commissions are earned:

Level 1: $15 per position filled; Level 2: $4 per position filled; Level 3: $3 per position filled; Levels 4–7: $2 per position filled; Levels 8–9: $3 per position filled; Level 10: $4 per position filled
It is important to note that while these commissions are paid from the monthly $45 affiliate fee, they are only paid as long as recruited affiliates continue to pay the price each month.

Participating in the Matrix Empire
The monthly affiliate membership fee for Matrix Empire is $45 USD.

Conclusion of the Matrix Empire
Matrix Empire is a straightforward $45-per-month pyramid scam.

You sign up, pay your $45 fee, and get compensated for recruiting others to do the same. Matrix Empire’s deceptive business model is not legitimized by the YouTube course that comes with affiliate membership.

Dustin Mansell, in addition to conducting a pyramid scam, employs Matrix Empire to create his Text ALN and Against All Odds downlines.

Affiliates at the bottom of the company-wide matrix will stop paying $45 per month if affiliate recruitment slows up, as with other MLM pyramid scams.

This will result in affiliates above them not being paid, eventually leading to them ceasing to pay $45 every month.

When a sufficient number of Matrix Empire affiliates cease paying $45 each month, an irrevocable collapse occurs.

Only the admin and early participants often profit from matrix-based pyramid schemes.

This is often accomplished by one or more preloaded locations, like in Matrix Empire (click to enlarge):

When the Matrix Empire implodes, MLM pyramid scheme logic ensures that the vast majority of members lose money.

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