Beware of ABA Marketing – Review Part 2

On its website, ABA Marketing gives no information regarding who owns or controls the firm.

The website domain (“”) for ABA Marketing was initially registered in November 2014.

On June 23rd, 2021, the private registration was last updated.

Saint Kitts and Nevis is the country code offered on ABA Marketing’s domain registration.

This refers to a company address in Saint Kitts and Nevis mentioned on ABA Marketing’s website.

ABA Marketing Group Inc. also receives a Saint Kitts and Nevis incorporation certificate from ABA Marketing.

Saint Kitts and Nevis has no active MLM regulation, making it a scam-friendly country.

Scammers sometimes set up shell businesses in shady jurisdictions such as Saint Kitts and Nevis to launder money and dodge regulation.

Basic incorporation anywhere is worthless for the purposes of due diligence.

Surprisingly, only vKontakte is operational of the four social media platform links provided on ABA Marketing’s website.

vKontakte is a Russian social networking site, and it is from there that ABA Marketing operates.

Bulgarian is used in the source code of ABA Marketing’s website:

Marketing materials referenced in this evaluation were also written in Bulgarian.

English and Russian are the two languages available on ABA Marketing’s website.

Finally, according to Alexa, Russia accounts for 95% of visitors to ABA Marketing’s website.

This implies that whomever is in charge of ABA Marketing has relations to Russia and/or Bulgaria.

As always, if an MLM firm is not honest about who runs or controls it, consider twice before joining and/or turning over any money.

Products by ABA Marketing
ABA Marketing does not provide any retailable items or services.

ABA Marketing affiliates can only promote ABA Marketing affiliate membership.

The Compensation Plan of ABA Marketing
On their website, ABA Marketing does not provide any remuneration information.

I was able to secure a Bulgarian copy of ABA Marketing’s compensation plan.

Aside from the language concerns, the proposal is poorly presented and lacks explanations.

Nonetheless, I’ve done my best to share what I could make of it here.

It should be noted that ABA Marketing’s compensation plan alternates between USD and EUR for some reason.

Because EUR is the most used currency, I assume the USD figures are incorrect.

I’ve retained USD where it’s mentioned in the compensation plan to be consistent with how it’s presented.

Affiliate Ranks for ABA Marketing
Within ABA Marketing’s compensation model, there are 10 affiliate ranks.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualification criteria:

Consultant 1 – become an ABA Marketing affiliate Consultant 2 – produce a downline investment volume of 100 E
Consultant 3 invests 100 E personally and generates 700 E in downline investment volume.
Advisor 1 invests 300 E personally and generates 3000 E in downline investment volume.
Advisor 2 – invest 800 E personally and earn 10,000 E in downline investment volume
Structural Director – spend 1200 E personally and earn 25,000 E in downline investment volume
Regional Director – spend 1700 E personally and produce 60,000 E in downline investment volume
International Director – invest 2000 E personally and earn 100,000 E in downline investment volume
Executive Director – produce a downline investment volume of 250,000 E.
500,000 E in downline investment volume must be generated by the supervisor.
Divide the invested amounts by 300 to get the value “E.”

Required invested money quantities, on the other hand, may be computed by multiplying by 300.

For example, International Directors must invest 2000 E and create 100,000 E.

This equates to a personal investment of €600,000 EUR and a downline investment volume of €30 million EUR.

Because the rest of ABA Marketing’s reward plan is based on E amounts rather than direct EUR invested, I haven’t done these calculations above.

ABA Marketing affiliates receive a commission on monies invested by personally recruited affiliates.

ABA Marketing computes referral commissions by turning invested monies into E units (dividing them by 300).

The E unit quantity is then multiplied by a rank-dependent factor:

Consultant 1 affiliates earn E * 3.5; Consultant 2 affiliates earn E * 4.5; and Consultant 3 affiliates earn E * 5.5. E * is earned by Advisor 1 affiliates. E * 8.5 Advisor 2 affiliates 10.5 International Structural Directors receive E * 12 Regional Directors get E * E * is awarded to 13.5 International Directors. E * 13.7 Executive Directors E * 14 Supervisors earn 13.9
It’s worth noting that referral commissions appear to be coded, implying that a 14 multiplier is applied to all new investments.

Higher ranking ABA Marketing affiliates are so compensated for the difference in rank multiplier between themselves and lower ranked downline affiliates.

For example, an Advisor 2 may recruit an affiliate who contributes €100 EUR.

Advisor 2 receives an E * 10.5 referral commission rate.

Upline affiliates rated International Director and higher receive the remainder, with an Executive Director receiving the remainder of E*14.

ROI Referral Commissions (?) It appears that ABA Marketing pays a percentage of returns to personally recruited affiliates.

I’m not sure what’s going on, so here’s the compensation slide in question:

The Bulgarian text is as follows:


As can be seen, the percentages are linked to ABA Marketing rankings.

However, in the stated example, €150,000 EUR is somehow reduced to €3000 EUR and then multiplied by the relevant percentage (I’m guessing “3 yp” translates to rank 3 to obtain 3%).

The reduced amounts are both 2% of the number used to compute the ROI referral commission (e.g., 150,000 -> 3000 and 700,000 -> 14,000).

There is no explanation for this decrease, so I’m not sure where it came from.

ROI referral commissions, like referral commissions, are coded.

This implies that 10% of all ROI payments are paid out, allowing higher-ranking affiliates to earn the difference from lower-ranking downline affiliates.

Monthly Rewards
ABA Marketing offers the following monthly bonuses to Structural Directors and above:

qualify as a Structural Director and earn $300 per month qualify as a Regional Director and earn $600 per month qualify as an International Director and earn $900 per month qualify as an Executive Director and earn $1200 per month qualify as a Supervisor and earn $1500 per month
Bonuses for Rank Achievement
ABA Marketing offers the following incentives to affiliates that accomplish “unit” milestones:

Obtain a customized watch with one diamond diamond on it if you earn 500 units in your first month or 700 units in any other month.
Produce 700 units in your first month or 1200 units in any other month, and you will receive a second customized watch with twelve diamonds.
qualify at Advisor 1 and receive two-day Leadership Program tickets qualify at Advisor 2 and receive three-day Leadership Program tickets and a Parker pen qualify at Structural Director and receive three-day Leadership Program tickets and a personalized gold watch with twelve diamonds qualify at Regional Director and receive €4000 EUR
Qualify for the position of International Director and you will get what seems to be a gold bracelet encrusted with diamonds.qualify for the position of Executive Director and get €10,000 EUR
Supervisor qualification and €20,000 EUR
It should be noted that bonus “units” are not the same as “e units.” It is a brand-new measure with no explanation.

Leader Holidays ABA Marketing gives “leader holidays” to its “top 20” affiliates.

There is no other information supplied.

Participating in ABA Marketing
Membership in ABA Marketing looks to be free.

Conclusion of ABA Marketing
The first red flag with ABA Marketing is determining what the firm performs.

The website of ABA Marketing has no detailed information.

The following are the details of ABA Marketing’s compensation plan:

As a result, it appears that investments are made with the expectation of a passive return. Beyond that, the picture is hazy.

According to the website roadmap of ABA Marketing, the firm began with travel services. In 2017, ABA Marketing made the switch to bitcoin.

This is done through iQeon, which is planning to start a cryptocurrency exchange.

Zplex is another website that is nothing more than a login form.

The pay model for ABA Marketing’s pyramid system is not ambiguous.

To retail buyers, nothing is promoted or sold. ABA Marketing, on the other hand, rewards on monies spent by recruited affiliates, rewarding those who establish the largest recruited downlines.

Whatever happens on the backend, if you want to advance in ABA Marketing, you must recruit.

That will surely fail as recruitment will certainly decline.

Add in whatever crypto shenanigans are going on behind closed doors, and there’s probably a reason ABA Marketing isn’t open about their business operations.

On the regulatory front, it appears that Russian authorities are aware of ABA Marketing.

The Bank of Russia warned ABA Marketing in January that it showed “signs of a pyramid scheme.”

Avoid unless you want to get sucked into yet another shady Russian MLM crypto scheme.

ABA Marketing has gone bankrupt as of February 1st, 2022.

As of this update, ABA Marketing’s website had been removed, and the company’s social media accounts had been deleted or made private.

2nd February Update

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