Beware of Eric Worre & OmegaPro – Review

OmegaPro is imploding, and the scumbags that ran, promoted, and facilitated the Ponzi scheme are fleeing.

Eric Worre, an MLM veteran, joined OmegaPro corporate as Official Strategic Coach in May 2022.

Worre is distancing himself from the rapidly crumbling Ponzi scheme now that there is no more money to steal.

Worre claims he was inspired to make the film when “friends” approached him, allegedly concerned about his OmegaPro ties.

Worre does not mention OmegaPro by name in the video, which was posted earlier today. Instead, he refers to the elephant in the room as “a firm out of Dubai.”

Worre continues by admitting that when he joins an MLM firm;

[1:23] Those in that firm tend to overstate my level of participation as a strategic benefit in their recruiting efforts.

Worre joined on nevertheless, knowing full well that his role with OmegaPro would assist advertise the Ponzi scam.

Money that was eventually taken from OmegaPro investors through financial fraud.

Worre falsely claims he does not “benefit” from OmegaPro utilizing his image to recruit victims, despite clearly earning from OmegaPro’s continued “success” in scamming consumers.

[2:42] My commitment in this profession is for the purpose of serving it.

I do not choose winners and losers. I don’t recommend that individuals choose which firms to invest in. I don’t sway folks one way or the other.

And I certainly don’t gain from any of that pushing in any direction.

While the specifics of Worre’s employment with OmegaPro are kept hidden, his corporate salary is practically dependent on the continued recruitment of new victims.

OmegaPro, for those who are unfamiliar, is a straightforward 200% ROI MLM Ponzi scheme that was introduced in 2019.

OmegaPro, which originally promised to pay out over 16 months, has lately amended the conditions to 24 months, according to BehindMLM.

This adjustment was revealed abruptly and was retroactively applied to all OmegaPro affiliate investment positions.

OmegaPro has received regulatory fraud warnings from France, Belgium, Congo Republic (several arrests), Spain (two fraud warnings), Mauritius, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Nicaragua before Worre took a corporate position with the Ponzi scam earlier this year.

Worre describes himself as a “network marketing specialist” on Instagram. Worre states on LinkedIn that he’s

the world’s most watched and trusted network marketing training and support resource

Worre also says on his “Network Marketing Pro” website;

Network Marketing Pro has been raising the bar in the Network Marketing industry for over a decade.

According to the site’s profile, Worre

For over 25 years, has been a pioneer in the Network Marketing industry.

He’s a top field producer who has built sales organizations with over 500,000 distributors in over 60 countries (and) is the President of a $200 million Network Marketing firm.

Eric Worre could hardly have been unaware that OmegaPro was a Ponzi scam. He still joined up for corporate to help market it for money.

BehindMLM highlighted OmegaPro’s launch of an XPL token exit scam little over two weeks ago.

Since then, things have gotten worse, with OmegaPro suspending withdrawals around a week ago. For the majority of this week, affiliate investors have also been unable to access their backoffice.

BehindMLM isn’t quite ready to declare OmegaPro’s demise, but we are keeping an eye on events.

OmegaPro’s Ponzi scam, which has been operating since 2019, has most certainly deceived consumers in the hundreds of millions, if not billions.

BehindMLM is also aware that Ted Nuyten and BusinessForHome are under fire for their constant promotion of OmegaPro and other evident MLM Ponzi scams.

Since OmegaPro disabled withdrawals, Nuyten’s Facebook posts have been tinged with annoyance:

One BusinessForHome reader responded to Nuyten’s question, “Why do you post about firm XYZ?” It’s a sham!” query;

I feel obligated to give you an honest answer: because they PAY, no matter what sort of fraud they are.

which Nuyten responded;

Without a revenue plan, we cannot sustain [sic] a premium website.

Millions of dollars are invested on software, travel to countries, CEO interviews, and other activities in Business For Home.

BehindMLM has already highlighted BusinessForHome’s “pay for content” business model.

BusinessForHome does not declare when information appears on the website through a payment agreement, which is likely a violation of the FTC Act.

To return to Eric Worre, while OmegaPro is managed by crooks in Dubai and US investors are legally barred, Worre is a US national residing in Arizona.

While OmegaPro is Worre’s most public foray into financial crime, it isn’t his first MLM crypto Ponzi scheme.

Worre spoke at another Ponzi event in May 2021, this time for GSPartners, another MLM crypto Ponzi scheme.

It is unknown whether US authorities are looking into OmegaPro and Worre’s involvement.

If withdrawals remain restricted, BehindMLM anticipates OmegaPro to fail this weekend.

27th of November, 2022 – OmegaPro’s demise has been predicted by BehindMLM.

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