Viral Compensation Review – Is a Fraud

Viral Compensation’s website lacks any genuine ownership information.

The firm is allegedly operated by “Ron Williams,” who is represented by a poorly altered profile avatar.

The similar avatar appears on the Fiverr account “videospurchaser,” who claims to be from Canada.

This matches to the North American dialect used in the marketing videos for Viral Compensation (the ones that aren’t clear Fivver jobs).

On July 31st, 2021, Viral Compensation’s website domain (“”) was registered.

Mission Prosperity LLC is identified as the proprietor, with an address in Quebec, Canada.

Ron Williams owns Mission Prosperity LLC, a long-defunct Nevada firm.

This rabbit hole finally lead me to William’s Facebook profile, where he verifies he lives in Montreal, Quebec.

William’s Facebook profile is littered with Ponzi and pyramid scam promotion:

Continue reading for a thorough examination of Viral Compensation’s MLM prospect.

The Products of Viral Compensation
There are no retailable items or services offered by Viral Compensation.

Affiliates can only promote Viral Compensation affiliate membership.

Affiliates of Viral Compensation get access to a digital marketing product library:

The Compensation Plan of Viral Compensation
Affiliates of Viral Compensation buy positions in a ten-tier 32 matrix cycler.

A Viral Compensation affiliate is placed at the top of a 32 matrix, with three spots right behind them:

The initial level of the matrix is formed by these three places. The second level of the matrix is created by dividing the initial three places into three additional positions each (9 positions).

Positions in a matrix are filled by purchases by other Viral Compensation affiliates once purchased.

These affiliates might be recruited directly or indirectly.

A “cycle” is started when all twelve slots in a matrix are filled.

A cycle creates extra matrix positions and pays out a commission as follows:

Supervisor Supervisor (roles cost $400) – pays out $195, creates two new Foreman positions, and cycles into Foreman (positions cost $100). – pays $780, creates two new Supervisor posts, and progresses to Manager Manager (positions cost $1500). – pays out $2295, creates two new Manager posts, and cycles into Director Director (positions are $5,000). – pays out $10,250, creates two new Director posts, and progresses to Partner Partner (positions cost $20,000). – pays out $39,000, creates two new Partner posts, and progresses to Vice President Vice President (positions cost $80,000). – pays out $156,000, creates two new Vice President jobs, and cycles into Ambassador (positions cost $300,000). – pays $585,000, creates two new Ambassador jobs, and cycles into Crown Ambassador Crown Ambassador (positions are $500,000). It pays out $862,500 and results in the creation of two new Crown Ambassador roles
Viral Compensation offers a 100% matching bonus on cycle commissions earned to personally recruited affiliates.

It should be noted that an affiliate must have cycled into or purchased the matrix tier on which the matching bonus is produced.

If the referring affiliate does not meet this requirement, the matching bonus produced for this tier is sent upline to the first eligible affiliate (an affiliate who has cycled or bought into the applicable cycler tier).

For example, an affiliate who has advanced to Director may have a personally recruited affiliate advance to Vice President.

Because it is greater than their matrix tier, the produced $156,000 matching bonus is sent upline to the first affiliate who is qualified at Vice President or above.

Commissions for Recommendation
Affiliates of Viral Compensation earn a referral commission beginning at the Ambassador matrix tier.

When a downline affiliate cycles or buys into Ambassador, a $10,000 referral commission is paid. When a downline affiliate cycles or buys into Crown Ambassador, a $500,000 referral commission is provided.

Avoid Commissions
Viral Compensation employs a complicated pass-up process.

Our first compensation passes up all of your “Even Sales” and our second compensation passes up all of your “Odd Sales” with a unique twist that doubles, triples, and quadruples your income indefinitely.

Even with the video explanation, I’m still not sure what’s being overlooked.

All benefits from each affiliate recruited appear to be passed on to various upline affiliates.

An affiliate must then rely on downline recruiting to earn whatever is being handed up.

However, the marketing film implies that just half of recruits are passed up, which contradicts the marketing phrase cited above.

In any case, comprehending Viral Compensation’s compensation plan does not need knowledge of the mechanics of its passed up commissions.

Cycle Benefits
Beginning with Manager, Viral Compensation compensates affiliates who cycle out of Manager and higher cycler ranks with the one-time bonuses shown below:

Cycle out of Manager and receive a $300 iPhone or Android phone; cycle out of Director and receive a $1500 MacBook Pro or HP Envy 15t laptop; cycle out of Partner and receive a “all expense paid vacation valued at $5000” cycle out of Vice President and receive a $25,000 family car; cycle out of Ambassador and receive a $125,000 SUV truck; cycle out of Crown Ambassador and receive $500,000 plus a “world-class sports car valued at $500,000”
Participating in Viral Compensation
Affiliate participation in Viral Compensation is completely free.

Participation in the associated earning opportunity begins with $100 for the purchase of a cycler job.

Full participation in all 10 categories of Viral Compensation costs $907,000.

Conclusion on Viral Compensation
Viral Compensation is a classic Ponzi scheme, both in terms of business style and presentation.

To sell Viral Compensation, Ron Williams largely depends on cringeworthy stock pictures. Slideshows are used to create marketing videos.

The business idea of Viral Compensation is a simple cycler; you purchase in for $100 and steal up to $1,656,020 from individuals who buy in after you. It’s a typical Ponzi scam.

On top of that, there are a slew of recruitment incentives, which adds a pyramid layer to the program.

Despite adopting an MLM compensation model, Williams insists Viral Compensation is not an MLM organization.

Viral Compensation (VC) is not a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) organization, despite the fact that we earn and share income using the network marketing idea.

Needless to say, referring to MLM as a “network marketing idea” does not render it any less MLM. If you use an MLM business model, you are an MLM firm.

The items made accessible to affiliates are meaningless in light of its dishonest business strategy. Regardless, nothing is promoted or sold to retail buyers.

To the degree that Viral Compensation has goods, it is a form of pseudo-compliance.

As with all cycler Ponzi schemes, once affiliate recruitment dries up, new position purchases will dry up as well.

As a result, matrices inside Viral Compensation will begin to halt.

When enough matrices get stuck, an irreversible collapse occurs. This will very certainly result in massive losses.

The majority of participants in cycler Ponzi schemes become victims. The administrators and early participants are the only winners here.

Williams keeps funds trapped in stalled matrices in addition to keeping the lion’s share of invested funds through one or more admin positions.

Math ensures that the vast majority of Ponzi scheme participants lose money.

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