Beware of OmegaPro – Review Part 6

Following the suspension of withdrawals for two weeks and persistent website difficulties, BehindMLM has declared OmegaPro’s demise.

On or around November 7th, OmegaPro affiliates reported getting locked out of their accounts.

This was fixed, however affiliates were still barred from accessing the forex area of OmegaPro’s website, where the Ponzi scam operates.

According to BehindMLM, first efforts to visit OmegaPro’s forex section result in a “520 HTTP error.” This is a CloudFlare error code that indicates an issue on OmegaPro’s end.

OmegaPro has replaced the CloudFlare error with alternating Korean and Italian server maintenance notices as of today.

The continuous login troubles at OmegaPro have progressed into withdrawal issues, which were initially noticed on or around November 20th.

Withdrawal requests submitted on November 15th were still pending. As we near the end of November, those withdrawal requests have yet to be fulfilled.

Some OmegaPro affiliates appear to be able to log in as of now. Most people cannot. For the most of November, no one has been allowed to withdraw.

On November 18th, OmegaPro openly addressed log in and withdrawal issues for the first time:

OmegaPro followed up on November 22nd by telling affiliate investors that their account password will be changed

Unofficial rumors of a hack have circulated in restricted top leader OmegaPro groups. I haven’t come across anything formal.

What I can affirm is that it does not take a corporation a month to resolve inexplicable technical issues. OmegaPro’s prohibited access and withdrawal issues are characteristic of a falling Ponzi scam.

Adding gasoline to the flames is also

OmegaPro’s recently announced PulseWorld XPL token exit fraud, as well as retrospectively expanding the maturity time of current investment contracts from 16 to 24 months.
If I had to guess, something went wrong with converting to XPL token withdrawals or commencing steps to do so.

A Ponzi scheme can only stop paying out for one reason. OmegaPro refuses to pay any more of the remaining actual money, which has resulted in the current scenario

OmegaPro is advertising Eric Worre’s forthcoming Virtual Go Pro conference rather than dealing with log in issues and blocked withdrawals.

Worre, an MLM veteran with decades of experience, is quickly becoming the face of MLM-related financial fraud in Dubai, thanks to partnerships with OmegaPro, GSPartners, and EvoRich, to name a few.

Worre has been assigned by corporate as the Official Strategic Coach to teach OmegaPro affiliates in the recruitment of new victims.

OmegaPro investors appear to be funneled into Worre’s “Go Pro” events as part of the hidden payment arrangement.

Ticket prices range from $497 to $4997. Worre claims he sold 65,000 tickets to the event last year.

It remains to be seen whether OmegaPro will revive their defunct Ponzi scam. It’s still possible, but once a Ponzi scheme fails, the writing is on the wall.

Reboots don’t survive as long as the initial run, with all save the most gullible investors walking away rich as everyone else cashes out.

OmegaPro, which debuted in 2019, is a Dubai-based Ponzi scheme managed by serial fraudsters Andreas Szakacs (Sweden), Mike Sims (US), and Dilawar Singh (Germany).

OmegaPro has taken care not to target the United States, instead focusing on defrauding investors in third-world nations.

SimilarWeb detected 2 million visitors to OmegaPro’s website in October 2022 (down from 2.6 million in September), with 43% from Colombia, 18% from Argentina, and 8% from Mexico.

Regulatory fraud warnings have been issued to OmegaPro by France, Belgium, the Congo Republic (several arrests), Spain (two fraud warnings), Mauritius, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Nicaragua.

We’ll keep you updated if Dubai regulators intervene or OmegaPro restarts its bankrupt Ponzi scam.

30th of November, 2022 – OmegaPro has claimed that “hackers!” are to blame for its demise.

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