Beware of HyperFund & Bermuda- Review

The Bermuda Police Department has issued a Ponzi scheme caution about HyperFund.

Bermuda Police identified HyperFund as a suspect in their November 4th alert.

a corporation that looks to be reputable and urges you to invest with them while promising high profits on your investment

Hyperfund uses a multi-level marketing technique akin to a Ponzi scam.

Several people have been taken in by the fraud, with one Bermudian investing up to BDA $10,000.

The Specialist Investigations Department also suggests possible investors.

-Try to figure out how the firm makes such large profits.

-Be aware of organizations that want you to attract new members.

-Be cautious. If something appears to be too good to be true, it almost always is.

BehindMLM claims that new investment is the sole provable source of revenue entering HyperFund.

In our published HyperFund review, we detailed the company’s dishonest business plan.

Anyone in Bermuda who has invested in HyperFund or has been asked to invest should call the Financial Crime Unit.

Note: Because the Bermuda Police Department’s website is now down, I’ve linked to their Facebook post on the advice.

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