Beware of MineBase & Karatbars – Review

Harald Seiz is missing from the recently unveiled Karatbars International relaunch.

Although it was mentioned in my editing notes when researching MineBase, I decided the fact that Karatbars credentials could be used to log in to MineBase, as well as extracts from Seiz scattered across the site, was enough to make it official.

However, a BehindMLM reader discovered something odd about the LinkedIn connection on MineBase’s website…

…and now I’m assuming it’s all a Russian recovery scam.

MineBase is a Russian recovery fraud, according to the evidence.
The LinkedIn link on MineBase.COM leads to the Russian version of the website:

Russian and English are the two official MineBase website languages:

RiArt, a Russian agency, created MineBase’s website:

MineBase’s TOS docs were written in Russian on a Russian language system:

This is true for both the MineBase.IO and MineBase.COM websites.

The truth is that we still don’t know who is behind the first Karatbars recovery fraud, Acua Wellington.

We have no idea how they obtained the KaratBars International affiliate database.

We do know that their initial point of contact was an email to Karatbars affiliates. This has happened once again with MineBase.

Being credited as Dr. anything, let alone a series of initials, is strange. I don’t recall Seiz ever referring to himself as Dr.

Given how pretentious he comes across, I find it difficult to believe Seiz isn’t in every Karatbars International correspondence ever sent out.

The MineBase development staff, meanwhile, is all shown as Indians (or from around that region). All except one are portrayed by stock IT pictures, and none of them are confirmed to exist.

Finally, Seiz has made no mention to MineBase on any of his social media accounts. In truth, Seiz has been missing for almost a year. His most recent Facebook and Instagram postings were from July 5th, 2021.

If Seiz was operating MineBase, wouldn’t he have acknowledged it once it launched? It’s worth noting that Seiz never acknowledged or discussed Acua Wellington.

MineBase’s official YouTube channel is jam-packed with voiced-over videos and stock material. Nobody has ever stood in front of the corporation.

Comments on all videos are likewise disabled.

The argument for MineBase being a genuine Karatbars reboot MineBase’s.COM domain is owned by Karatbars International GmbH. Of course, this might be false information, but it distinguishes itself from the MineBase.IO domain.

Rimma Ismailova is listed on MineBase’s.COM website as its “web designer.” This corresponds to RiArt’s website:

However, keep in mind that Rima Ismailova may not exist as described.

MineBase’s.IO website is nothing more than a login form. Given that the emails were recently sent out, it’s to be expected for a website that isn’t yet ready to be shared with the rest of the world.

MineBase’s.COM website is detailed and packed with information; this is a lot of work for a recovery scam.

MineBase appears to be another Acua Wellington-style refill fraud. Acua Wellington was suspicious and never took off. So it’s probable that the fraudsters are attempting again.

If that’s the case, there are still some discrepancies. For example, why are there two MineBase websites? Why is the.COM providing so much more sophisticated if it is managed by reboot scammers?

Also, why are there two website domains in the first place?

Perhaps more concerning for Karatbars investors is how these crooks obtained their (again) Karatbars login credentials.

Harald Seiz, has he sold the Karatbars affiliate database? Was it hacked and maybe sold numerous times?

There’s enough uncertainty here to set off alarm bells. Granted, MLM crypto Ponzi scams are typically suspect to begin with, but this simply doesn’t seem right.

If Harald Seiz does not make a personal appearance soon, I believe MineBase will follow in the footsteps of Acua Wellington.

That is, nothing further will happen, leaving individuals who did contribute information to wonder to whom they were given.

If the Karatbars database has been compromised or sold, these reload scams may not be about compromising accounts.

The first step toward identity theft would be validating information, which would be accomplished by having investors log in using their Karatbars credentials.

Aside from that, the potential con artists have yet to show their hand.

I’d be wary of interacting with anything received through an email address you’ve associated with Karatbars until Harald Seiz makes a personal appearance to explain what’s going on.

17th of August, 2022 – Seiz confirmed his involvement via Instagram less than 24 hours after this article went live.

Seiz hasn’t said much beyond confirming his involvement, but it’s a start.

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