Beware of OmegaPro & Hacker House – Review

OmegaPro’s demise has been woven with a “hackers!” narrative.

OmegaPro writes in a “official statement” to out earlier today (language problems are repeated verbatim);

Following the previous week’s investigation of OmegaPro’s technical challenges, it is now evident that we have been the victim of a continuous and sophisticated cyber-attack by an unknown organized criminal gang.

MLM frauds sometimes use “hackers!” as part of their escape strategy. OmegaPro is using the phrase “hackers!” to cover up a breakdown.

Following the suspension of withdrawals in early November, BehindMLM declared OmegaPro’s demise on November 27th.

Personally, I believe this is a deception designed to get OmegaPro through the holiday season, when Ponzi schemes often see an uptick in withdrawal demands.

For the same reason, the renowned CashFX Group Ponzi scam blocked withdrawals around this time last year.

OmegaPro claims to be collaborating with “Hacker House” as part of their “hackers!” scam.

To defend our community and members, we have hired London-based “Hacker House,” one of the world’s [sic] premier cyber security firms, to combat this danger.

While we work to deploy appropriate countermeasures, the platform will be inaccessible until we can ensure the safety of our community.

OmegaPro’s “hackers!” difficulties are likely to be rectified sometime before or after Christmas.

So, who is Hacker House, and why are they allegedly supporting one of the largest MLM Ponzi scams now in operation?

According to their website;

Hacker House was founded to bridge the skills gap in a timely, efficient, and effective manner. Our students are immersed in real-world cyber-attack simulations and tested across a number of practical projects designed to cover every perspective. They are taught by world-renowned ethical hackers.

In a nutshell, we educate students how to think, act, and move like hackers — and then outmaneuver them.

Hacker House offers evaluation services in addition to educational courses.

The “blockchain project” service from Hacker House starts at $200,000.

Does Hacker House’s involvement with MLM Ponzi schemes impact OmegaPro’s status as a defunct Ponzi scheme? No.

However, it may expose Hacker House to regulatory action in the future.

OmegaPro is based in Dubai, the world’s MLM crime capital. Hacker House is said to be based in the United Kingdom.

Jennifer Arcuri, the creator of Hacker House, claims to be “located in London and the United States.”

Although OmegaPro has been cautious to primarily target third-world countries, this might be a possible in for the SEC and DOJ. When it comes to MLM-related securities fraud, UK authorities are notoriously inept.

As previously indicated, if OmegaPro does re-enable withdrawals, it will most likely be after the Christmas season.

The bottom line is that OmegaPro is facing withdrawal liability pressure. Because it is a Ponzi scheme, the liabilities will only grow over time.

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