Beware of Bitcoiin – Review Part 2

Because of the complexities of the case, the Bitcoiin criminal trial has been rescheduled for March 14th, 2022.

As stated in an order dated October 27th;

The Court has reviewed facts that indicate that denying this request will deny defendants’ counsel adequate time for effective preparation, taking into account the exercise of due diligence.

Furthermore, due to the nature of the prosecution and the volume of discovery in the case, this Court has already found that it is impossible to anticipate appropriate preparation for the trial itself within the time constraints imposed under the Speedy Trial Act.

Antonije Stojilkovic, Haojia Miao, and Jaira David are the Bitcoin defendants named in the order.

In August, defendant John DeMarr pled guilty to Bitcoin felony charges.

In July 2020, Kristijan Krstic (right), the architect of the Bitcoin Ponzi scam, was arrested in Serbia.

Serbian authorities freed Krstic to house detention in July 2021, pending his extradition to the United States.

Krstic and his wife, who is also an arrested suspect awaiting extradition, departed immediately. They are thought to have abandoned their four children.

The Krstics are still on the run. Their current location is unknown.

The disappearance of Krstic and his wife has yet to be addressed in the Bitcoiin case docket.

19th of December, 2021 – Haojia Miao entered a guilty plea to one count of wire fraud.

19th of March, 2022 – Last November, Antonije Stojilkovic and Jaira David pled guilty, avoiding a trial.

All three defendants, including Miao, are awaiting sentencing.

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