Beware of Lyoness loses- Review

Lyoness has lost a five-year slander case filed in Poland against two bloggers.

The complaint concerned writings published on the “” website in 2013 under the alias “antylyoness.”

According to CMWP, the Polish Journalists Association’s Press Freedom Monitoring Center, all but one accusation against the bloggers were dropped early on.

Lyoness claimed in the resulting defamation case that the bloggers had

damaged the company’s good reputation by making misleading assertions about it

Lyoness was successful on one of the bloggers’ slander charges. The other blogger was found not guilty.

However, no penalty was issued since the court determined that the accused act of defamation caused “no societal harm.”

To put it another way, it was a hollow win.

Nonetheless, the blogger filed an appeal with the Katowice District Court.

The appeals court found in favor of the blogger.

the sentence imposed by the first instance court… was unreasonable, because the blog entry relating to the criminal proceedings… was made by an anonymous person using merely a pseudonym.

It’s even unclear if the accused continuously pled not guilty.

It’s also worth noting that the second blogger accused in this case was acquitted on the same counts.

According to my understanding, the cleared blogger will now try to recuperate legal fees from Lyoness.

Lyoness’ victorious tally was accompanied with a blog post containing a remark from Poland’s Minister of Finance.

CMWP, which filed an amicus brief in the case, continues:

It should be noted that the full questioned 2013 statement, which reads:

“Currently, proceedings are pending before the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection regarding the application by Lyoness Poland Sp. z o. o. practices infringing collective consumer interests,” was a faithful quote from the Minister of Finance’s statement, not rashly expressed, but articulated in writing to the then Speaker of the Republic of Poland’s Senate.

The journal was freely accessible through the Internet through the official websites of these offices.

There was no reason to doubt their accuracy.

Here’s what happened in Poland while Lyoness’ case was pending, emphasizing the threat to customers if MLM fraudsters use legal action to silence whistleblowers:

Lyoness’ Terms and Conditions were found illegal under Polish legislation in 2016 after the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) warned it “may be” a Ponzi scheme in 2014. In February 2020, UOKiK issued another Lyoness fraud alert. Lyoness was confirmed as an unlawful pyramid scheme by UOKiK in October 2021. Authorities in Poland confiscated $6.4 million from Lyoness’ bank accounts with the intention of restoring the monies to Lyoness victims.
BehindMLM has been in the forefront of MLM fraud reporting for over a decade and has faced legal threats from both MLM firms and fraudsters.

The official policy of BehindMLM is to relay legal threats received to US authorities.

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