Beware of Paolo Luini & Liberi dal Lavoro – Review

In order to protect future prospective victims, we will be presenting first-hand testimony from a former client of Liberi dal Lavoro and its creator, Paolo Luini, today:

Because of my friend’s involvement with Liberi dal Lavoro, I decided to join, but I quickly realized that the organization was suspicious.
They promoted themselves as a non-governmental organization (ONG), although all of their classes cost money.

Second, “Paolo Luini” is the only expert in all of Italy who can give you this information, thus you should only listen to him.
In his book “Liberi dal Lavoro,” which he authored, Paolo Luini addresses the issue of workers’ liberation. However, we can only accept payments via a reloadable debit card (postepay) in the wife’s name, and we will not be issuing any receipts or bills for any of your purchases.
It’s a problem on multiple fronts that these folks call Tenerife home but are employed by an Italian firm.
Third, if you join these networks, you will constantly be bombarded with positive feedback and congratulations from people for no apparent reason. No one ever says they’re unhappy, bad service was provided, or they lost money.
Four, you’ll be inundated with videos and messages from the group. Throughout the film, I kept picturing Paolo Luini, the guru of financial freedom who gives his lectures from a disposable chair. In addition, he will let you know about a recently released course that you can buy if you get in touch with him soon enough.

So far, I haven’t come across a video in which a student of one of these schools explains how he was able to quit his work after only two years.
Partly because I’m naive and partly because their language is so stilted and contrived, I’ve always been able to spot it and dismiss it as nonsense.
Visit their homepage or join one of their Facebook groups to find out more. It’s all so fake and forced that it’s not even funny; instead, it just makes me angry.
After two years of trying, he was eventually able to quit from his job, but nobody in the group of hundreds ever addressed it.

Even though I know it’s a con, I’m still curious about them because a friend of mine has a connection. I was interested to see how someone I knew and trusted would take to hearing him begin with their teachings.
His voyage has gotten off to a great start thanks to his purchase of safe bonuses, the one service that actually delivers as promised and convinces you that all the free stuff really is free.
Similar to matched betting, but with greater precision than systems like Ninjabet.
Would you like to get all of the extras? You should anticipate to pay three times as much as you would on Ninjabet or any competitor to obtain three separate courses.
If you manage to unlock all of the extras, you will end up ahead of the game financially, but more than half of them will cover the cost of the courses itself.
When the advantages are used up, the magic will end. With these preliminary successes, they will have caught your attention and convinced you that the idea is workable.
You are now prepared to spend your entire allowance on courses that may be very costly.
There are hundreds of courses available, ranging from football to volleyball to forex, so you can choose how to waste your money….
My friend and hundreds of others in the organization have taken this path, but Liberi dal Lavoro’s repercussions will continue to be felt for some time.
After questioning certain of the organization’s services that were costing him ongoing losses, my friend was fired and denied access to all of the courses he had paid for.
His Facebook account and all of his interactions with the group were deleted so that he wouldn’t shock the other investors into reality.
Even though I despise them, I still enjoy spending time with them, but I feel terrible about how they’re fooling the rest of the world.
I decided to write this for anyone who might be interested in trying their “opportunity,” as I was afraid of being banned from the group if I posted my thoughts there.

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