Beware of Crypto Expo Dubai – Review

Dubai’s reputation as the centre of MLM crypto frauds has reached an all-time low.

The emirate is now conducting conventions celebrating financial deception.

As I write this, the Crypto Expo Dubai is about to begin in around twelve hours.

The Crypto Expo Dubai event brings together investors and crypto industry professionals to network and explore new business prospects in the cryptocurrency space.

Meet the best Crypto Companies for Investing and Trading.

The two-day event will take place at Festival Arena, which is owned and operated by InterContinental Hotels.

The event’s website does not say who organizes Crypto Expo Dubai.

The event’s website terms and conditions only reveal a Hong Kong shell business.

BOB Group Limited, a Hong Kong-based limited liability corporation, operates this website.

It doesn’t matter who runs Crypto Expo Dubai; our interest is on the fraudsters that use the event as a platform.

Several notable MLM crypto Ponzi fraudsters are mentioned as speakers, presumably in return for briefcases of money monies laundered over the blockchain.

There are also some unknowns that reflect well-known MLM crypto Ponzi schemes:

Andrey Khovratov is the creator of the EvoRich Ponzi scam, which is operated by the UgPay Group (securities fraud warnings issued by the UK, New Zealand, Latvia and Spain)
Electric Cash is a Ponzi scam run by Ewelina Furtak and Marcin Sen. (securities fraud warnings issued by the Philippines and Canada)
Erik Nurm, a TronCase co-founder, fled to Dubai after the smart-contract Ponzi scam crashed.
Silke Leistner – Ducatus is a Swiss Mine OneCoin clone Ponzi scam that was restarted as Ducatus Network in 2018 and then Centurion Global in 2021. Centurion Global (as Ducatus) and Mining City (as Electric Cash) are also listed as “Silver” sponsors of the Crypto Expo Dubai.

Ironiclly, one of the topics covered at Crypto Expo Dubai will be “How the Crypto Industry’s Regulation is Matured.” [sic].

Evidently not much if Ponzi schemers are granted speaking opportunities as “business pioneers.”

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