Beware of Lueur Lauren International – Review

When investigating our newly released Telepreneur Corp review, I came across Lueur Lauren International.

Lorenzo B. Rellosa is the CEO of both firms.

Below Rellosa, executive posts are spread throughout the enterprises.

Telepreneur Corp is listed as the parent firm on Lueur Lauren’s website.

In late 2019, Lueur Lauren International was established. Rellosa from Quezon City, Philippines, runs the firm.

Continue reading for a comprehensive assessment of Lueur Lauren International’s MLM opportunity.

Products by Lueur Lauren International
Lueur Lauren International sells a variety of personal care items.

Cleansing Foam – “acne and whitening line,” 2544 for a 50 g tube
Intense Whitening Toner, which “gently eliminates impurities, deeply cleanses pores, and softens skin,” costs $1,808 for a 100 ml bottle.
Intense Whitening Cream, described as “a wrinkle, whitening-dual functional nutrition cream,” costs $1,908 for a 50 g tube.
White & Wrinkle Spot Cream – retails for $2120 for a 30 g container and “reverses indications of aging, evens out skin tone, calms skin, and makes it firm and healthy.”
BB Cream for Whitening costs $1696 for a 30 g container and “works as sunscreen, hydrates skin, and reduces irritation.”
Collagen Essence White & Wrinkle Sheet Mask – $424 for a 25 ml sachet, “brightens and moisturizes skin, offers suppleness”
Esther BioScience “brings out natural glow, stimulates weight reduction and quicker metabolism, and fights indications of aging,” costs $5400 for a package of thirty single-serve sachets.
Lueur Lauren International asserts that its

One of South Korea’s most respected and well-known manufacturing enterprises manufactured the items.

There are no particular production information supplied.

Compensation Plan for Lueur Lauren International
On their website, Lueur Lauren International does not publish a copy of their compensation plan.

The following analysis was compiled from numerous affiliate presentations that I cross-referenced.

Ranks of Lueur Lauren International Affiliates
Lueur Lauren International’s incentive structure includes seven affiliate ranks.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualification criteria:

Affiliate – become a Lueur Lauren International affiliate Elite Member – not revealed Duke – maintain 500 PV and 50,000 GV per month, and recruit and retain one Elite Member Viceroy – maintain 500 PV and 100,000 GV per month, and recruit and retain two Dukes
Grand Duke – keep 500 PV per month, earn 200,000 GV per month, and recruit and keep four Dukes.
Prince – create and maintain 600 PV and 300,000 GV per month, as well as recruit and maintain six Dukes Emperor – generate 700 PV and 500,000 GV per month, as well as recruit and maintain ten Dukes PV is the total amount of sales produced by retail sales and affiliate orders.

GV is an abbreviation for “Group Volume.” PV created by an affiliate and their downline is referred to as GV.

It should be noted that recruited affiliates must be “active” in order to count towards rank qualifying.

The active status of Lueur Lauren International is not indicated in the company’s marketing materials.

Commissions on retail sales
Affiliates of Lueur Lauren International receive commissions on product sales to retail consumers.

Retail commissions are calculated as the difference between the retail and wholesale prices of the items ordered.

Commissions on hiring
Affiliates of Lueur Lauren International earn commissions on affiliate recruiting.

The amount a newly recruited affiliate spends when they join up determines the recruitment commission rate.

Receive $500 for recruiting a Starter affiliate.
1500 for recruiting a Basic affiliate, 7500 for recruiting an Elite affiliate
Recurrent Recruitment Commissions
Lueur Lauren International has a binary compensation scheme to pay residual recruitment commissions.

In a binary compensation system, an affiliate is placed at the top of a binary team, which is divided into two sides (left and right):

The binary team’s initial level has two slots. The binary team’s second level is created by dividing the initial two slots into two more positions each (4 positions).

As needed, subsequent levels of the binary team are constructed, with each successive level containing twice as many spots as the preceding level.

Positions on the binary team are filled through direct and indirect affiliate recruiting. It should be noted that there is no limit to how deep a binary team may develop.

Lueur Lauren keeps track of fresh recruiting activities on both sides of the binary team at the conclusion of each day.

When a pair of new Basic or Elite affiliates are matched, one on either side of the binary team, residual recruitment commissions are paid out.

a pair of newly recruited Basic affiliates pays $2700
A pair of newly recruited Elite affiliates pays $13,500.
Remember that leftover recruited affiliates might be recruited into the binary team either directly or indirectly.

Purchase Commissions from Subsidiaries
Lueur Lauren International uses a 215 matrix to pay commissions on downline transactions.

A 215 matrix has an affiliate at the top and two spots right behind them:

These are the two spots for the matrix’s initial level. The second level of the matrix is created by dividing the initial two places into two more positions.

The matrix’s levels three through fifteen are created in the same way, with each new level containing twice as many spots as the preceding level.

Each affiliate brought into the matrix (directly or indirectly) receives 15 to 44.1 per month on their product order.

The following are the totals for each matrix level:

level 1 (2 positions) – ₱30 level 2 (4 positions) – ₱60 level 3 (8 positions) – ₱120 level 4 (16 positions) – ₱320 level 5 (32 positions) – ₱640 level 6 (64 positions) – ₱1280 level 7 (128 positions) – ₱3200 level 8 (256 positions) – ₱6400 level 9 (512 positions) – ₱12,800 level 10 (1024 positions) – ₱30,720 level 11 (2048 positions) – ₱61,440 level 12 (4096 positions) – ₱122,880 level 13 (8192 positions) – ₱286,720 level 14 (16,384 positions) – ₱573,440 level 15 (32,768 positions) – ₱1,446,880
It should be noted that Basic tier affiliates can only earn on up to eight matrix levels. To receive downline purchase commissions on all fifteen levels, you must be in the Elite tier.

Downline purchase commissions are framed as a monthly commission in the presentations. This implies that it functions as de facto affiliate autoship commissions.

Viceroy and higher-ranking Lueur Lauren associates get Leadership Rewards.

Viceroys are eligible for a 4% Leadership Reward.
Grand Dukes are eligible for a 6% Leadership Reward.
Princes are eligible for an 8% Leadership Reward.
Emperors are eligible for a 10% Leadership Reward.
The exact amount of the Leadership Reward is not published.

Generational Benefits
Generation Rewards looks to be a downline earnings matching bonus.

Generation Rewards are distributed over three unilevel team levels:

3% on the first level (personally recruited affiliates)
Levels 2 and 3: 1%
Profit Sharing Lueur Lauren International puts 10% of its whole sales volume into a Profit Sharing pool.

Each month, Grand Duke and higher rated affiliates receive shares in the pool as follows:

Grand Dukes are entitled to one share.
Prices get two shares.
Emperors are entitled to three shares.
Additional Benefits
The pay literature for Lueur Lauren International mentions car bonuses, travel bonuses, and rank achievement bonuses.

There are no specifics offered.

Lueur Lauren International is expanding.
There are three levels of affiliate membership available at Lueur Lauren International:

Starter – $2,000 Basic – $18,89 Elite – $78,89
The primary distinction between the categories is bundled product and revenue potential through Lueur Lauren International’s compensation scheme.

It should be noted that affiliates in the Starter Tier do not earn MLM commissions unless they upgrade or manually recruit twelve affiliates.

Lauren Lueur International Conclusion
Lueur Lauren International is essentially Telepreneur Corp’s personal care version.

Both of them are pyramid scams.

While Lueur Lauren International’s product range is far superior to Telepreneur Corp’s “resell codes” nonsense, the company’s economic strategy remains problematic.

Lueur Lauren International was founded primarily as an autoship recruitment strategy.

And the inventory piling is out of control.

New affiliates join up and commit to purchasing a product. The more people spend, the greater their earning potential.

This is your first warning sign.

Official Lueur Lauren marketing presentations promote the advantages of acquiring several affiliate positions as follows:

No real MLM organization requires you to buy many positions in order to stack and earn bigger earnings.

What about the inventory loading I stated earlier?

The multi-position affiliate membership packages offered by Lueur Lauren International start at $950,000 ($18,718 USD).

Nobody who joins an MLM firm requires that much product. It’s simply a pretext to increase recruitment-based sales volume due to commissions.

To be clear, retail is an option inside the Lueur Lauren International MLM potential. However, given the suggestion to acquire several affiliate memberships and the massive inventory loading that is taking place, it is clearly not a priority.

Beyond the first investment, Lueur Lauren International’s compensation scheme is based on spending $x per month, recruiting others to do the same, and earning more.

In other words, it’s your standard product-based pyramid scam. That is reflected in formal marketing presentations.

The goods themselves are a whitening crazed range from Lueur Lauren International. This is characteristic in Southeast Asia, therefore I won’t judge them.

A bit more transparency about who manufactures the items in South Korea wouldn’t hurt. If I’m going to be bleaching my skin, I’d like to know who I’m putting my confidence in not to disfigure me.

As you may expect, the business model undermines the value of Lueur Laurent International’s products.

If this was a one-time MLM opportunity, I’d be a little more positive. Two pyramid schemes from the same owner, on the other hand, indicates that the owner understands what they’re doing.

If you want to buy a Lueur Laurent International goods, you may do so at retail. Keep in mind that remaining a retail client will most likely be challenging.

When it comes to marketing, there is a lot of pressure to recruit (the slide practically instructs affiliates to “follow rigorously!!!”). Unless you’re willing to brave the heat, the inconvenience is probably not worth it.

And, if you do sign up, keep in mind that the vast majority of pyramid scheme participants lose money.

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