Beware of PGI Global – Review

PGI Global went bankrupt just hours after BehindMLM confirmed a US criminal inquiry.

PGI Global’s freshly appointed CEO and Senior Vice President have also resigned as part of the departure scheme.

CEO Helen Louise Graham and SVP Claire Wilkinson said in a communication sent to PGI Global affiliate investors:

Dear Colleagues,

PGI has been discontinued with immediate effect. Just penning those words is an experience we never thought we’d have to go through, but we’re doing it now, rather than later, because you deserve to know the truth as soon as possible.

We wish more than anything that we could tell you why that is, but the fact is that, while we have made our own ideas, we can only communicate with you what we do know and what we have been taught, leaving you to draw your own conclusions.

If I may, the basic “fact” is that PGI Global was a Ponzi scam.

It failed, and the firm and its officials are now the subject of a criminal investigation in the United States.

There was no need for assumptions since that is exactly what occurred.

Throughout our tenure with PGI, we had totally trusted what RV Palafox or Mark Davis had informed us about the source of the difficulties and that everything possible was being done to set things right.

When we accepted the positions of Chief Executive Officer and Senior Vice President (of) Operations, we were nervous about what we were taking on and questioned what control or decision-making ability we would actually have, but we felt it was only right that we tried to put things right on behalf of our members.

If I may interrupt once more, math is math. There can be no “setting a Ponzi scheme straight” until fresh victims are discovered to repay those who have already been duped.

This, of course, generates a greater issue, which eventually leads to the collapse of every Ponzi scheme.

As part of those discussions, we requested that all members get one overdue withdrawal payment before we officially assumed the role on September 1st.

We were advised and instructed that a withdrawal payment could not be completed by the 1st of September, but that a payment schedule of the 15th of October for the 28th of June withdrawal would be 100% met.

We have written correspondence with confirmation of this and can thus back it up with evidence.

Despite receiving a confidential Zoom recording between RV and Mark in which, among other things, it was discussed that the role of CEO was only being offered “because Helen could be controlled,” we accepted the roles of CEO and SVPO against our better judgment in the hope of proving ourselves with results.

Money. Graham and Wilkinson agreed to become executives for financial reasons.

There was no need to act like this was a salvage operation. However, as they continue to put up their exit-scam sob tale, Graham and Wilkinson run with it.

Until Friday, October 8th, the agreement was explicit that payments will be made by the 15th of October for everyone for the June 28th withdrawal.

Only on that date, during a Zoom meeting with three founders, did one of the corporate team members declare that payments will be made on the 15th of October, which became the 15th of October.

We pressed for clarity that “on the 15th” still meant “by the 15th” as per our agreement of the previous 5 weeks, and were assured to “relax, it’s not the 15th yet” and that “obligation will be met.”

While we were getting worried, we thought we had to give RV a chance to deliver on the 15th.

We made it plain, however, that if the promise was not fulfilled by the 16th, we would be stepping down from our positions.

And now it arrives…

We were shocked by the problems that members began to encounter yesterday night while attempting to access the website.

Furthermore, some members in the same nation could and still can access the website while others cannot.

We believe this is inconsistent with an official government seizure of a website, although we might be wrong.

Readers will know from yesterday’s piece that I investigated and confirmed the seizure was real.

However, until the DOJ makes an official pronouncement, I might be misinformed.

I am, however, 99.9% certain, or I would not have published. The seizure is legitimate, according to the material that is now public.

Graham and Wilkinson are also in communication with RV Palafox. They wouldn’t be writing about it if it was an inside job.

While we have been informed that authorities have begun an inquiry into the firm, we believe the timing is a major coincidence.

However, at this time, we have no information to imply that the website seizure is not legitimate.

As previously stated, we find the timing suspect, and if you, our members, can throw additional light on this in any way, we would be happy to get the information.

What follows is fresh information. Keep in mind that anything is unconfirmed.

Based on what is publicly available, we cannot corroborate any of this.

I’m only releasing it since it comes from the CEO of PGI Global. In the future, I feel there should be a record to cross-check against.

We’ve been told that RV’s assets have been blocked, his passport has been confiscated, and his homes have been examined, and that due to RV’s activities and withholding of monies, there will be no payments tomorrow or any further payments, and that PGI has ended.

We have numerous communications and concrete facts that we will make accessible to any authorities, as well as assist any legal action to recover RV’s assets and eventually ensure he is held accountable for his conduct.

While we recognize that this has important ramifications for our members and that emotions are running high, we will not tolerate any unacceptable improper or threatening behavior and will report any such activities to police, immigrations [sic], and relevant authorities worldwide.

Our intents and aims were entirely focused on obtaining our members what they are entitled, and we are deeply disappointed that we were not successful.

We are confident that additional information about RV’s conduct will “leak” in the coming days, weeks, and months.

We are once again deeply sorry to have to break this news to you, but you are entitled to the truth.

Please let us know if you have any further information that will help us take this problem further with the appropriate authorities.

At this time, I’m thinking about all of our members.

Claire and Helen

The fact that Graham and Wilkinson are both PGI Global net winners completely weakens their argument.

Graham was a high-earning member of the initial Ponzi scam. Wilkinson, I assume, was in her downline.

These are not foreigners who were entangled in Palafox’s Ponzi scheme. They stole money from PGI Global investors and then took on executive positions for even more money.

They are aware of what they have done. In addition, it is still prohibited to promote unregistered securities.

Here’s where we are in the absence of more information from US officials (or any other source I can verify):

Ramil Ventura Palafox (PGI Global’s founder and CEO)
The confiscation of the website is significant evidence that Palafox has been charged criminally.

Palafox vanished earlier this year when PGI Global went bankrupt.

The discovery of a criminal case against him elevates his status from that of a fraudster on the run to that of a fugitive on the run.

Palafox has links to Dubai but may have gone to another location.

Palafox may be in jail, according to Graham and Wilkinson’s statements, but I have not been able to confirm this.

Palafox is a dual citizen of the United States and the Philippines. He most likely did not flee to the Philippines.

Davis, Mark (Vice President & COO of PGI Global)
Mark Davis (right) vanished earlier this year when PGI Global went bankrupt.

He is an Australian citizen who was last seen in Queensland, Australia, previous to his disappearance.

It is possible that he has links to the Philippines, although this has not been established.

Davis was supposed to have gone into hiding, but according to Graham and Wilkinson’s testimony, he is still active in PGI Global’s activities.

Davis’ present whereabouts are unclear, as is if he is wanted by US authorities.

Graham, Helen Louise (new CEO of PGI Global)
In the initial PGI Global Ponzi fraud, Helen Louise Graham was a major recruiter and earner.

Graham became the new CEO of PGI Global when it went bankrupt.

Graham is removing herself from her position inside PGI Global after learning about a US criminal probe. She is also severing connections with RV Palafox.

Graham is headquartered in the United Kingdom. Due to familial ties in the area, she is unlikely to depart.

Claire Wilkinson (new Senior Vice President of Operations for PGI Global) formerly worked as Graham’s secretary (read: was in her downline) before joining the PGI Global relaunch as an SVPO.

Wilkinson is thought to be a British citizen and resident.

Ekeigwe-Bakare, Folasade (Executive Assistant in PGI Global reboot)
Folasade Ekeigwe-Bakare was a “Corporate Presenter and Trainer” at PGI Global prior to its revival.

Ekeigwe-Bakare has links to both Nigeria and the United Kingdom. She is thought to be a PGI Global winner.

Deloraya, Sarah (owner of PGI Global original website domain)
PGI Global’s original website domain is registered to Sarah P. Deloraya (right).

The domain was decommissioned in June 2021. It is unknown whether US authorities were engaged.

Deloraya is the CEO of SPD Jobs and SPD Group. Deloraya is thought to have supplied administrative support to PGI Global and Palafox through these entities.

Deloraya lists herself as President of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Quezon City, on Facebook.

Deloraya is a Filipino citizen who lives in the Philippines. As of October 10th, she was still active on Facebook.

It is unknown whether Deloraya was active with PGI Global beyond providing administrative help.

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