Beware of Peter Wolfing & Easy1Up – Review

Owner and serial fraudster Peter Wolfing has relaunched Easy1Up.

Today’s source material is a marketing video released on YouTube on September 11th, 2021 by Michael Mansell, a frequent promoter of frauds in his own right.

Mansell considers the first Easy1Up giving program from 2016 to be a “critical component” of his success.

He claims that his Easy1Up downline has earned “far over six million dollars” in gifting payments to date.

So, what’s new about Easy1Up 2.0?

Not a lot. Whereas the original Easy1Up took victims’ money in USD, the remake includes bitcoin and tether.

Easy1Up 2.0, according to Mansell, was released in late August.

Easy1Up 2.0 keeps the previous gifting tiers of $25 to $500 but adds higher $1000 and $2000 tiers.

$25 for Elevation
$100 for Elevation Elite
Vertex costs $250.
Vertex Elite costs $500.
$1000 Vertex Pro
$2000 for Vertex Live
To summarize, you gift at the aforementioned tiers plus an admin charge.

To get gifting payments across all six Easy1Up gifting tiers, you must buy-in at the $2000 price.

It is possible to upgrade over time, although this is intended to be more expensive.

You have the option to upgrade at any moment. The price represents the complete cost of the new product, not the gap between where you are and where you want to go.

Gifting payments are recorded throughout a unilevel team due to the MLM structure of the organization.

That’s you at the top, followed by everyone you recruit on level 2, everyone they recruit on level 3, and so on.

The second gifting payment received by Easy1Up affiliates across each tier is “passed up.”

According to the FAQ on Easy1Up’s website, this is waived for recruits who donate in at the higher tiers:

All product packages indicated below the one you join are both included and qualified (no passup needed).

Easy1Up affiliates with huge downlines are “passed up” for gifting money from their unilevel team.

When people in their downline aren’t qualified to earn those rewards (i.e. they didn’t buy-in high enough), Easy1Up affiliates who donate in at higher levels also receive compensation.

Within Easy1Up, all payments are handled between players. Peter Wolfing adds an administrative charge to each payment.

Easy1Up integrates various training with each giving tier payment in an attempt to seem authentic.

Whatever is linked to gifting money, gifting programs are fraudulent business opportunities.

If you have any more questions, you may contact the FTC.

Peter Wolfing and Michael Mansell, who claims to be the highest paid Easy1Up team, are at the top of the company-wide unilevel team.

They obtain the highest payments from company-wide pass-ups due to their earning positions.

Those that arrive earliest and recruit the most are rewarded the most. This is true of every MLM giving opportunity, as they are all pyramid scams.

Is it possible for me to obtain a refund?

Your subscription is non-refundable.

As with the original Easy1Up and similar MLM giving programs, gifting payouts gradually fall as recruiting declines.

Because the number of affiliates at the bottom of the Easy1Up gifting pyramid grows with each new member, logic ensures that the bulk of them will lose money.

Both Peter Wolfing and Michael Mansell are headquartered in the United States.

Wolfing had just established Daily Digital Club in early 2020 when we last checked in.

Daily Digital Club, like Easy1Up, is a giving system. Beginning in mid-August, around the time Easy1Up was restarted, traffic rankings show a drop and then an upsurge.

We may deduce from this that Wolfing is funneling Easy1Up recruits into his other gifting schemes.

At the time of publishing, Alexa ranked the primary sources of traffic to Easy1Up’s website as the United States (72%), followed by Canada (9%).

Gifting schemes are unlawful in both the United States and Canada, as well as almost everywhere else in the globe.

30th of October, 2021 – Michael Mansell has made his quoted Easy1Up YouTube video private as of the time of this update.

I did offer a link to the video, but it has since been removed due to Mansell’s removal of public access to it.

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