Beware of Zeek Rewards – Review Part 2

The Zeek Rewards Receiver has filed two additional papers, one requesting authority to make a final distribution and the other demanding that the matter be closed.

The motion notes, with relation to a final distribution payment to Zeek Rewards victims:

The Receiver requests that this Court grant him permission to make a fifth and final distribution to holders of authorized Claims.

The Receiver intends to pay out an extra sum of $10,000,000 to $13,000,000 to claimants.

If the motion is granted, victims with legitimate claims will have until November 1st to make any modifications to their Claims Portal.

Following that, checks will be issued. Those that are not processed will be considered “unclaimed property.”

If the total amount of unclaimed property exceeds $100,000, the monies will be allocated to legitimate claimants.

Unclaimed cash will be donated to charity if the amount is less than $100,000.

The other request filed by the Receiver concerns the administrative closure of the Zeek Rewards case.

The Receiver thinks that it is time to administratively conclude the receivership while completing the administration of the RVG Estate in compliance with the receivership directives and making the final distribution.

On October 6th, the Receiver’s motions were submitted. Decisions on both motions were still pending at the time of publishing.

In August of 2012, the Zeek Rewards Receivership was formed.

Throughout its functioning, the Receivership

Over $10 million was recovered from financial institutions and payment processors; “millions in assets” were recovered from Zeek Rewards insiders; $10 million was raised by selling default judgments obtained against Zeek Rewards’ net-winners; and over $356 million was distributed to Zeek Rewards victims.
In September 2011, BehindMLM launched coverage with our Zeek Rewards review. We’ve written 230 pieces about the subject since then.

Paul Burks (right), the creator of Zeek Rewards, was sentenced to fourteen years in jail in 2017.

Burks, 74, is presently detained at FCI Butler, a medium-security prison in North Carolina.

He is set to be released in February 2028.

This concludes BehindMLM’s decade-long coverage of Zeek Rewards, pending approval of the Receiver’s proceedings.

17th of October, 2021 – On October 12th, the court granted both of the Receiver’s requests.

This implies that the Zeek Rewards lawsuit is now closed.

We don’t have a definitive distribution date, but I’ll keep an eye on the Receivership website as long as it’s online.

29th of May, 2022 – The Zeek Rewards Receivership was ended on May 19th.

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