Beware of Paparazzi Accessories – Review

Paparazzi Accessories is an MLM company that sells jewelry. Late in 2010, the company started up.

Paparazzi Accessories’ website doesn’t list an address for the company. On the other hand, the company’s official Facebook page says that it is based in Utah.

Heading up Misty and Trent Kirby, a couple, and Chani and Ryan Reeve, a couple, started Paparazzi Accessories together.

So goes the story;

Misty and Chani didn’t set out to start a national trend when they first started selling jewelry.

Misty says, “We just liked showing people how to accessorize.” But it was clear that what started as a whim was meeting a need.

That business led to the start of Paparazzi Accessories.

Read on for a full review of the MLM opportunity with Paparazzi Accessories.

Paparazzi Accessories’ Products
On their website, Paparazzi Accessories says that selling is at the core of their business.

Accessories that were in style but didn’t look too scary.

Traditional, but never dull. And best of all, they are very cheap.

The price of each piece of jewelry at Paparazzi Accessories is a flat $5.

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings are all part of the jewelry line at Paparazzi Accessories.

Paparazzi Accessories says that each piece of jewelry they sell is made of

Lead-free and nickel-free, original in design, style, and feel, never the same, and made in China.
Note that Paparazzi Accessories’ website has a large catalog of their products, but visitors have to “log in or sign up” to see all of them.

Paparazzi Accessories Compensation Plan
Affiliates of Paparazzi Accessories can make money from retail sales, but the majority of the compensation plan is based on recruiting new affiliates and getting them to spend money every month.

Paparazzi Accessories Affiliate Ranks
In Paparazzi’s compensation plan, there are fourteen affiliate ranks.

Here are their names and the qualifications they need to meet:

Consultant – sign up as a Paparazzi affiliate
Star Consultant: Make and keep 50 PV every month.
Director: Keep up 50 PV per month and find and keep three Star Consultants.
Premier Director: Keep 50 PV per month, make and keep 3000 GV per month, and keep three people you recruited. Star Consultants’ Executive Director has to make and keep 100 PV and 6000 GV every month, as well as keep three people he or she personally recruited. Star Consultants
Producer: Keep 100 PV a month, make and keep 12,000 GV a month, and keep three Star Consultants you’ve personally hired.
Premier Producer: Keep 100 PV per month, make and keep 25,000 GV per month, and keep three people you recruited. Star Consultants Executive Producer: Keep 100 PV a month, make and keep 40,000 GV a month, and keep three Star Consultants that you hired.
Fashionista: Keep 100 PV a month, make and keep 75,000 GV a month, and keep three Star Consultants you recruited yourself.
A-Lister: Keep 100 PV a month, make and keep 150,000 GV a month, and keep three Star Consultants you hired.
Maven A-Lister: Keep 100 PV a month, make and keep 250,000 GV a month, and keep three Star Consultants you hired.
Jetsetter: Keep 100 PV a month, make and keep 500,000 GV a month, and keep three Star Consultants you’ve recruited yourself.
Luxe Jetsetter: Make and keep 250 PV and 1,000,000 GV a month, and keep three Star Consultants you hired (must qualify for two consecutive months before promotion)
Impressionist: Keep 250 PV a month, make and keep 1.5 million GV a month, and keep three Star Consultants you hired (must qualify for two consecutive months before promotion)
Personal Volume is what PV stands for. Personal Volume is the total amount of sales made by an affiliate’s orders and sales to other people.

Paparazzi Accessories uses a rate of 2 PV per piece of jewelry ordered to figure out the PV.

“Group Volume” is what “GV” stands for. Group Volume is the PV that an affiliate and their downline make together.

Note that no single unilevel team leg can provide more than 33% of the required GV.

The GV per leg requirement is cut down to 25% for Luxe Jetsetter and Impressionist.

Retail Commissions
Paparazzi Accessories get a cut of what retail customers buy from them.

The difference between the wholesale price and the retail price of a product is used to figure out the retail commission.

Recruitment Commissions
When a Paparazzi Accessories affiliate brings on another affiliate, they get 15% of the “Starter Kit” PV that the new affiliate brings in.

Commissions that don’t end
Paparazzi pay residual commissions via a unilevel compensation structure.

With a unilevel compensation structure, an affiliate is at the top of a unilevel team, and every other affiliate they recruit is right under them (level 1):

If an affiliate on level 1 brings in new affiliates, those new affiliates join the original affiliate’s unilevel team on level 2.

If any level 2 affiliates bring in new affiliates, they move to level 3, and so on until there are no more levels to go down.

Paparazzi Accessories has a limit of three unilevel team levels for commissions that keep coming in.

Residual commissions are based on a percentage of the total sales volume from all three levels.

On level 1, Star Consultants get 5%. (personally recruited affiliates)
Directors earn 10% on level 1 and 5% on level 2. Premier Directors and above earn 10% on level 1 and 5% on levels 2 and 3.
Affiliates of Paparazzi Accessories with the rank of Executive Director or higher can get a Generation Bonus.

The same unilevel team that pays out residual commissions also pays out the Generation Bonus (see above).

When an Executive Director or higher is found in a unilevel team leg, Paparazzi Accessories calls that a generation.

This ranked affiliate is the last one in the first generation for that leg. The second generation starts right after the first.

If a second Executive Director or higher is found deeper in the leg, that ends the second generation. After them comes to the start of the third generation.

If there isn’t such a ranked affiliate, the second generation goes all the way down the leg. The third generation would, too, and so on.

Using this generational structure, Executive Directors and people in higher positions get paid based on how much each generation sells.

Executive Directors get 1% of one generation’s pet leg
Producers get 3% for each generation of one leg
Executive Producers earn 3% on up to two generations per leg. Premier Producers earn 3% on the first generation and 1% on the second.
Fashionistas and higher earn 3% for up to three generations per leg.
Legacy Bonus
The Legacy Bonus is another bonus that lasts for generations.

In contrast to Executive Directors, the Legacy Bonus is given to generations that are A-Lister or higher in each unilevel leg.

Aside from that, the structure of the generation is the same as the structure of the generation bonus.

A-Listers get 1% of the Legacy Bonus for up to one generation per leg.
Maven A-listers get 2% of the Legacy Bonus for the first generation and 1% for the second. Jetsetters get 2% of the Legacy Bonus for the first two generations and 1% for the third.
Luxe Jetsetters and higher get 2% on up to three Legacy Bonus generations per leg.
Bonus to infinity
The Infinity Bonus is a percentage of the total unilevel team volume that is paid out as a bonus.

Those who fly in style get a 0.5% Infinity Bonus rate.
Impressionists get a 1% rate rank achievement bonus for reaching infinity.
There is a one-time Rank Achievement Bonus for new Luxe Jetsetters and Impressionists.

Rank Achievement Bonus of $25,000 if you reach the Luxe Jetsetter level.
if you reach Impressionist, you’ll get a $50,000 rank bonus.
Note that you must meet the requirements for these ranks for two months in a row before you can move up.

Joining Paparazzi Accessories
The purchase of a Starter Kit is a requirement for becoming an affiliate of Paparazzi Accessories:

Preview Pack costs $99 (35 pieces of jewelry)
Small Party Kit for the Home: $299 (120 pieces of jewelry)
$499 for a large home party kit (200 pieces of jewelry)
Paparazzi Accessories’ cheap jewelry is both a blessing and a curse.

Because it’s so cheap, it’s easy to get and can fit almost any budget.

Do $5 pieces of jewelry from China make me happy? Not at all, but I’m not the kind of person who buys Paparazzi Accessories.

The problem with cheap goods is that they make it easy to stock up on them.

Affiliates of Paparazzi Accessories are told right away that they should buy a lot of stock.

The required Starter Kits have anywhere from 35 to 200 pieces. You don’t even get to pick what you get:

The hand-picked stock of 200 pieces gives your customers a wide range of the best Paparazzi styles in every color.

Inventory seems to change all the time, so consistency is also out the window. If you ask a Paparazzi Accessories affiliate what they thought of their Kit, you won’t get a useful answer because everyone has a different opinion.

After you buy the required amount of inventory at the start, you’re looking at sales or purchases of $125, $250, or $625 a month.

When you sign up, you have to buy something, which is another sign of a pyramid scheme. Paparazzi Accessories’ legitimacy comes down to whether affiliates pay between $125 and $625 a month to qualify or make retail sales.

Paparazzi’s compensation plan doesn’t show that retail is a focus in any way other than the standard retail commissions.

Recruitment commissions tilt the compensation plan toward recruiting, which makes it easy for the average Paparazzi affiliate to keep buying inventory. When they find out they can’t sell everything, it’s too late.

This won’t be presented in this way, of course. Most likely, you’ll hear something like this:

As a Paparazzi Independent Consultant, you can buy inventory for your shows or parties at wholesale prices and sell the same inventory at the suggested full retail price.

Then, to make sure you keep buying every month;

When a Consultant buys 1000 PV or more in a single order, a 10% Show Rebate is added to their commission check for that month.

Residual commissions and generational bonuses aren’t very high, so Paparazzi Accessories affiliates focus on bringing in new people rather than using leverage.

Again, there is nothing in Paparazzi Accessories’ compensation plan that would stop someone from acting this way. The company also doesn’t say if it checks to see if retail sales are happening as the monthly affiliate orders pile up.

As a possible affiliate, it is easy to find out how your potential upline is running their business.

Just ask them what rank they are, keep track of their monthly PV, and ask how much they’ve made in verified retail sales over the past few months.

If it’s not at least half of what they need to make in PV each month, that Paparazzi Accessories affiliate is running a pyramid scheme.

I have a feeling that this is happening all over the company since I haven’t seen anything to give me any reason to doubt it.

Even if you find an upline who is working in retail, you should keep in mind that Paparazzi Accessories is a “party plan” MLM company.

As the name suggests, home parties are the main way that Paparazzi Accessories are likely to be marketed. This is a bit of a risk in the current situation, for reasons that should be clear (but don’t worry if you’re reading this year after it was written and COVID-19 is well in the past).

One last thing I want to talk about is the recent COVID-19 super-spreader event that Paparazzi Accessories held in Las Vegas. This is related to the last point I made.

As of the beginning of September, eleven people had died because they went to the Paparazzi Accessories event. Since then, the number of both, directly and indirectly, linked deaths have probably gone up.

To put it simply, Paparazzi Accessories has done a terrible job of dealing with this disaster.

At first, the company sent out a message telling affiliates not to talk about COVID-19 spreading at the event. Those who didn’t follow the rules were threatened.

Whoever from outside the business asked a question was either blocked on social media or just ignored.

Inside Edition Digital has asked Paparazzi Accessories to comment multiple times, but they haven’t replied.

Simply put, this is some of the worst behavior I’ve ever seen from an MLM executive team.

If this is how Paparazzi Accessories handles a medical disaster that could kill people that they caused, who knows how they run their day-to-day business?

Just because of that, I would stay away from Paparazzi. When you add in recruitment commissions and the fact that, likely, inventory will always need to be loaded, I just don’t see what’s good about this.

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