Beware of Ryan Ginster & My Micro Profits – Review

Ryan Ginster, who started the company My Micro Profits, pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud.

Ginster (on the right) was charged with a crime in November 2021. The DOJ said Ginster ran multiple MLM crypto Ponzi schemes that brought in more than $5 million.

Two of Ginster’s Ponzi schemes that we’ve looked at here on BehindMLM are Social Profimatic and My Micro Profits.

Ginster finally pleaded not guilty to one count of wire fraud and five counts of taking part in monetary transactions in October 2022. This was after several delays.

Ginster had changed his mind by November, so a hearing to change his plea was set for December 14.

Yesterday, as planned, that hearing happened, and Ginster pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud.

Ginster, who is 35, could go to prison for up to 20 years. The date for the sentence is March 29, 2023.

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