Beware of Forcount & Antonia Perez Hernadez – Review

The third person accused of running a Forcount Ponzi scheme has been caught.

Antonia Perez Hernandez was picked up on December 16 in Florida.

Francis Silva and Juan Tacuri, who was also involved in the Forcount Ponzi scheme, were also charged on December 6.

According to the indictment against Hernandez, she is accused of plotting to commit wire fraud, committing wire fraud, and making false statements.

Wire fraud has to do with the fact that Forcount is a Ponzi scheme. After Hernandez lied to federal agents about her role in Forcount, she was charged with making false statements.

Hernandez was put out on a $75,000 signature bond after she was arrested. According to the terms of Hernandez’s bond, she can’t work in “any business that involves multi-level marketing.”

Hernandez also has to tell Pretrial Services about all of her cryptocurrency assets.

Stay tuned for updates as we keep track of the civil and criminal fraud cases involving Forcount.

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