Beware of USI-Tech & Lee Oakley – Review

In Australia, criminals Lee Oakley and Kerry Stockton are building a mansion.

The project’s main architect, Lea Design Studio, says that the name of Oakley and Stockton’s waterfront property will be “Laguna.”

LAGUNA is a new three-story home on the water with a view of the Surfers Paradise skyline.

On the ground level, indoor and outdoor spaces flow together to make a large covered recreation area. This was done with entertainment in mind.

A rooftop terrace, a waterfront pool deck with an outdoor kitchen, and a swim-up bar in the large lagoon-style pool make these places even better.

Six cars can be parked in the basement, and a boat ramp leads right to the water. There is also a bar, a media room, a gym, and a workshop.

Construction is set to start in 2023.

The new 1088m2 mansion for Oakley and Stockton will be built in Surfers Paradise, a suburb of the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

In the USI-Tech Ponzi scheme, Oakley and Stockton were the ones who made the most money.

Joao Severino, Horst Jicha, and Ralf Gold started USI-Tech in 2016.

The original business plan for USI-Tech was a typical forex trading scam. That fell apart in the middle of 2017, which caused bitcoin to start over.

Late in 2017, the bitcoin reboot failed, so USI-Tech started its shitcoin exit scam with “Tech Coin.”

At this point, regulators in the US, Canada, and other countries had already warned about USI-Tech.

USI-Tech went out of business because of problems with withdrawals in January 2018.

As of March 2018, it was confirmed that the US government is looking into USI-Tech in a wider way. But so far, the government hasn’t done anything else.

Joo Severino, Horst Jicha, and Ralf Gold went missing and were never seen again.

No one knows how much money USI-Tech investors have lost. The same goes for how much Lee Oakley and Kerry Stockton, two top Australian promoters, stole from the Ponzi scheme.

After USI-Tech, Oakley and Stockton continued to scam investors with MLM Ponzi schemes. BehindMLM can say for sure that Eyeline Trading and WealthBoss, both run by Dan Putnam, were both scams.

It’s unclear if Lea Design Studio knows that they could be paid with money stolen through financial fraud.

BehindMLM doesn’t usually keep track of the people who promote MLM Ponzi schemes. We are making an exception for Lee Oakley because he has recently been sued for slander.

A defamation complaint was filed on August 18 before Oakley spent Ponzi money on a property in Surfers Paradise.

BehindMLM and several other websites are named because they have all posted information that links Oakley to USI-Tech.

Oakley says the following things about “Internet Removals Pty Ltd”:

The publications are false, hurtful, defamatory, and not backed up by evidence, so they break the Defamation Act 2005, which is part of Australia’s Uniform Defamation Laws.

Ironically, BehindMLM had never written anything about Oakley before this article.

In our comments, however, people have said that Oakley is always promoting scams. We think this is what’s making him mad.

BehindMLM still believes that USI-Tech was a Ponzi scheme and that Lee Oakley was one of the biggest earners in that Ponzi scheme.

Oakley can show evidence that proves otherwise, which he would have to do in court. But this isn’t about fairness; Oakley just wants to hide the fact that he’s been scamming people.

Oakley tried again on October 3, 2022, because his fake complaint from August 2022 didn’t work.

It’s not clear if Oakley’s attempt to hide the truth has anything to do with possible financial due diligence about his Laguna mansion.

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