Beware of George van Wijk & Crowd1 – Review

In a letter to his team, top promoter George van Wijk said that Crowd1 is “unfair and dangerous.”

According to van Wijk’s message, which is thought to have been sent out late last week;

Every journey must end, even if it’s not the end we worked for, wished for, or hoped for. This is one of those times for me and my family.

I’m in good standing with the company, so I’m making it official that I’ve decided to quit my job as Ambassador 3 Star of Crowd1.

This is not a decision that can be made quickly or without much thought. In reality, this choice is the result of many months of trying to steer the company in a way that would be fair and safe for the distributors.

Let me make it clear that this is not a “who’s to blame” game. It’s just that we haven’t been able to solve the problems in a way that makes us happy and helps the team, and I’m very sorry about that.

As leaders, we face challenges every day, and the decisions we make affect everyone on the team. We must always find the right balance between being loyal and living in the real world.

In other words, leaders can’t act like captains and insist on being the last person on a ship that’s sinking. That’s not our job.

The most important thing we do is LEAD. We are judged on how well we lead people so that everyone benefits. Before we say what our next steps are, we want to give people time to think and change. We know that our decision will disappoint some people, and we’re sorry about that.

Also, we’d like to take this chance to thank all the hardworking people in Crowd1. Not to mention all of our leaders around the world, to whom we want to show our thanks and loyalty.

George van Wijk

Van Wijk didn’t give any specifics, but Crowd1’s withdrawal delays have been well-known for a long time.

In essence, Crowd1’s Ponzi scheme fell apart in 2020. Top recruiters used to get by on commissions from pyramid recruitment, but Crowd1 recruitment has also almost completely fallen apart.

Crowd1’s complete collapse in western countries is also likely to be a factor.

SimilarWeb has seen a drop in the number of people visiting the Crowd1 website over the past few months. In September 2022, about 1.6 million people went to Crowd1’s website. This dropped to 1.4 million in October and November.

That’s not a small amount of traffic, but for an MLM Ponzi scheme, it’s not enough to move the scheme forward. And standing still leads to a fall.

Also, SimilarWeb knows that Russia (48%), Ukraine (13%), and Germany (5%) are the top three places where people visit the Crowd1 website.

Clearly, most of the people who visit Crowd1’s website are from eastern Europe. From this, we can tell that Russians are now scamming other Russians on Crowd1.

And it’s clear that this isn’t happening in van Wijk’s downline, which is why he left the company.

Van Wijk, who is Dutch, joined Crowd1 right away. According to a BusinessForHome puff piece from February 2022 celebrating van Wijk’s three years of scamming Crowd1;

George van Wijk, a leader from the Netherlands, has been with the company almost since the beginning. He was the first person to reach the rank of Ambassador through hard work, determination, and passion.

George joined Crowd1 at the beginning of 2019, and Jonas Eric Werner, the company’s founder, inspired him right away with his big ideas. From the very beginning, George was all in.

George and his wife took their work on the road after six months of putting in long hours to build his network. From Africa to the Philippines and South America to Europe, they gave hope to tens of thousands of people. They did this by attending events, giving talks, and being interested in the lives of others.

Van Wijk was also heavily pushed as a Crowd1 leader inside the company. This is from a December 2020 blog post by Crowd1;

George van Wijk, the Dutch Ambassador, has worked in network marketing for more than 25 years.

He goes on to say that in his 25 years in network marketing, he has worked for many different companies, but none of them are as good as Crowd1.

He says over and over again how great Crowd1 has become and how great the company is right now.

If you ask van Wijk what Crowd1 means to him, he says “everything” right away. He told CROWD that the first thing he thinks about every morning is Crowd1.

He says that it’s no longer his job; it’s now his passion and his way of life. He laughs as he says that Crowd1 is in his blood and that he lives and loves it.

Since then, a YouTube video interview that went with the story has been made private.

It’s not clear how much van Wiljk has stolen through Crowd1. I think the number is probably in the millions or even tens of millions.

BehindMLM has no idea what van Wijk has been doing for “more than 25 years” in MLM. We do know, though, that before Crowd1, van Wijk was CEO of the Nano Club Ponzi scheme, which failed three times.

Even though Wijk has been involved in financial fraud for a long time, Dutch authorities have not taken any action against him.

Jonas Werner, a Swedish man who ran away to Dubai last year and now runs Crowd1, is in charge of Crowd1.

The Ponzi scheme recently told investors through Metaversy that it was switching from losing money on virtual shares to losing money on crypto fraud.

Metaversy seems to have failed because of delays in payments, the departure of Crowd1 executives, and now the departure of top promoters.

This shouldn’t be a surprise, since nobody in Crowd1 cares that Werners is trying to act like a tech CEO. They are there for passive returns, which Crowd1 hasn’t given out for two years.

The Swedish government hasn’t done anything about Werner or Crowd1, just like the Netherlands and van Wiljk.

As shown by the fact that Crowd1 is pretty much dead everywhere but eastern Europe, regulators have cracked down on the Ponzi scheme everywhere else.

Only this year:

At least six top Crowd1 promoters were arrested in Azerbaijan for fraud. The Central Bank of Russia issued a Crowd1 pyramid scheme fraud warning. Crowd1 was made illegal in Nepal and Bhutan. Two Crowd1 promoters were arrested in India for fraud. In the Philippines, a nationwide ban on Crowd1 was reaffirmed.
If anything else happens with Crowd1, we’ll let you know.

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