Beware of ACN- Review Part 3

The people involved in the ACN Trump case have agreed on how the plaintiffs’ identities will be kept secret.

In an unusual move, at least for MLM-related lawsuits, a protective order for anonymity was given to the plaintiffs at the end of September.

On August 30, the agreement was reached and filed.

According to the agreement, the Plaintiffs had to file a second complaint with their real names. No other changes were made to the complaint.

On September 14, the plaintiffs did as they were told and filed their second amended complaint.

The complaint shows that the Plaintiffs were Lynn Chadwick, Markus Frazier, Catherine McKoy, and Millard Williams, who were not known before.

All of the Plaintiffs are people who used to be ACN distributors but quit between 2013 and 2017.

The plaintiffs say they became ACN distributors because Donald Trump, members of his family, and The Trump Corporation told them to do so.

In other news, the Trump Defendants’ arbitration appeal was turned down.

The Trump Defendants asked the New York District Court to force them to go to arbitration, but that order was upheld by the Second Circuit.

This caused an administrative stay that had been granted before to be lifted on July 28. Because of this, the case is back in the District Court.

A trial won’t happen for a few years, and paperwork will have to be done until March 2023. (not a typo).

Unless the two sides can agree in the meantime, a trial is likely to be set up sometime after March 2023.

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