Beware of Alcor Trade – Review

The British Columbia Securities Commission has warned Alcor Trade about fraud in the securities market.

Based on the BCSC’s notice from September 8, Alcor Trade

claims to have packages for investments with different rates of return.

We know that Alcor Trade works with people who live in British Columbia (BC).

Alcor Trade is not licensed in BC to trade in securities or derivatives or give advice about them.

Alcor Trade is a new start for the Antares Trade Ponzi scheme, which failed.

In June, the BCSC also warned Antares Trade about fraud involving securities.

CEO Alex Richter runs both Antares Trade and Alcor Trade.

Aleksey Zhirovkin, who is from Russia, plays the role of Richter.

Since 2012, Russian authorities have been looking for Zhirovkin. It is thought that he is hiding in the Dominican Republic.

Alexa says that Egypt (24%), Madagascar (13%), and Saudi Arabia (6%) send the most people to Alcor Trade’s website.

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