Beware of SeedChange – Review Part 2

With a new website domain, the people who ran the SeedChange Ponzi scheme are back.

SeedChange started up in 2020, and by the end of that year, the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation had issued a consumer alert (DFPI).

SeedChange’s response to this warning about fraud seems to have been to shut down their Ponzi scheme and stop using the “” domain.

The people who set up SeedChange then bought “”

…and began their Ponzi scheme again.

After that, on August 4, 2021, DFPI changed their SeedChange consumer alert.

SeedChange’s Ponzi scheme hasn’t changed. The company’s website is full of marketing claims and claims that don’t make sense.

Almost everything on their site is a lie, from the fact that it says “we were founded in 2021 in San Francisco” to the stock photos of the executives and the fake companies that investors are supposed to be putting money into.

I talked about SeedChange’s fake companies in our first SeedChange review, so you can read that for more information.

“C. French,” who is the co-founder and CEO of SeedChange, is a stolen picture of a man in Austria:

Someone seems to have been too lazy to make a new SeedChange Facebook page.

The current link on SeedChange’s website goes to SCESI UMSS, an Italian Scientific Society that has nothing to do with SeedChange.

All of the information on SeedChange’s website is false. It’s the same Ponzi scheme, but it’s run on a different website by the same con artists.

At the time this article was written, Alexa said that 96% of SeedChange’s visitors came from the US.

I’m not sure enough to say for sure that the people who run SeedChange are from the US. But that number is more than enough to prove that SeedChange is being promoted almost exclusively in the US.

That means that when SeedChange fails, most of the people who will lose money will also be from the US.

Change on December 2, 2021 – The SEC has put SeedChange on its list of things to PAUSE.

SeedChange has also been relaunched as Yosemite EP because the number of people visiting the site has gone down.

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