Beware of TronCase – Review

The TronCase Ponzi reboot by J. Ryan Conley has failed.

At the time of publication, there was 0 TRX in the TronCase Ponzi smart contract.

Martin Karus and Erik Nurm released the first version of TronCase in late 2020.

Ryan J. Conley was one of the first people to invest in TronCase and one of its best promoters. This makes him one of the biggest net winners in the Ponzi scheme.

In July 2021, TronCase fell apart. Karus and Nurm ran away, leaving angry victims to deal with Ryan Conley.

Not long after that, it was announced that Conley would be in charge of a new TronCase.

Conley’s new version of TronCase was a copy of the first Ponzi scheme, but it was run from a different website domain.

The reboot smart-contract for TronCase was made on July 11.

Thanks to dUh BlOcKcHaIn, we can see that the contract reached its highest point on August 8 at just over 24.5 million TRX:

At the moment, 24.5 million TRX is worth about $2.2 million USD on the street.

According to estimates from Alexa, most of Conley’s victims are from the United States (56%), Yemen (22%), and Vietnam (5%).

A few weeks before the first TronCase fell apart, Conley left his family in the US and went to Brazil.

He is currently waltzing around South America with a new girlfriend and living off investor money that he stole.

Conley keeps promoting MLM crypto Ponzi schemes like HyperFund and EtherConnect on social media.

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