Reinhardt & PlatinWorld is a Fraud – Review

After PlatinWorld went bankrupt in November, its owner, Alex Reinhardt, started up the Ponzi scheme again with a “new” PLCU token.

The new PLCU token from PlatinWorld looks like a copy of the first one. Reinhardt gave up on the original PLCU in the fourth quarter of 2022, when the Ponzi dump effect was in full swing.

The original PLCU Ponzi token has been renamed “PLCU Classic” to look like the Terra/Luna Ponzi scheme, which fell apart in May 2022.

In late December, the PLCU reboot token was made public.

Last week, you could switch from PLCU Classic to PLCU. This is one of the most important updates from a strategic point of view.

Coin swapping is not just a decision made by our technical team; it is also a strategic move that will make the main coin in the PLC Ultima ecosystem (PLCU) even more powerful due to its limited supply on the crypto market and its unique ability to become the main form of payment.

As you can see, the hopes for “number go up” are the same as those for the original PLCU. To pump PLCU V2, new money needs to be invested, which is unlikely given that PlatinWorld is now full of people who have been taken advantage of.

Still, in a “New Year’s Message” update on December 31, Reinhardt said that PLCU V2 had reached $100,000.

Reinhardt says that he will make $100,000 by stopping the sale of PLCU V2 bagholders for five years.

Reinhardt, who is thought to be German, ran away to Dubai in 2021.

We’ll let you know when PlatinWorld’s PLCU V2 Ponzi scheme falls apart.

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