Tiber River is a Fraud – Review

Tiber River, a Canadian MLM company, has told its distributors that it is giving up its MLM opportunity.

Since 2012, Tiber River has built a customer base with the help of its distributors. Now, the company will switch to an online retail model.

For those who don’t know about the company, Tiber River sold

Made in Winnipeg, these eco-friendly products are for the skin, bath, body, baby, pets, and the home.

Since BehindMLM hasn’t looked at Tiber River, I can’t say anything about how they pay people.

Tiber River hasn’t talked about shutting down its MLM business in public yet. As of January 2, Tiber River was still using its Facebook page to promote “happy moments, new goals, new achievements, and new inspiration.”

On the other hand, Tiber River distributors have been sharing the news on social media:

Tiber River will no longer be a direct sales company, which is sad news.

They’re going to be sold online, so you won’t be able to buy these great things from me after January.

The decision comes during what I assume is the busiest time of year for Tiber River’s distributors. Taking this into account, most of the responses to the news are negative.

Tiber River has been around since 1999. Adriana De Luca started the business out of her home and grew it until it was ready to sell in stores.

As De Luca supposedly tried to find a good balance between work and family life, Tiber River closed its stores. After that, De Luca went into franchising with Michelle Lalonde.

Those plans were soon scrapped, and in the end, De Luca and Lalonde chose an MLM model based on a party plan.

So far, Tiber River hasn’t given a reason for its choice.

In the last few years, Tiber River has been the focus of complaints about a “toxic work culture.”

Tiber River Naturals in Winnipeg has hired an outside company to do an assessment of the workplace after being accused of having a bad work environment.

Dozens of current and former Tiber River Naturals employees have been talking about their jobs on an Instagram page called “Not My Tiber.”

The group has posted more than 100 claims from current and former employees of Tiber River Naturals who did not want to be named.

Complaints about Tiber River included details about not getting paid wages and tips, not getting paid for overtime, being forced to cover corporate events for free, and “personal grievances.”

One former storefront worker who didn’t want to be named said that she often worked nine-hour days without a break or extra pay. She could eat lunch, but she had to crouch under the counter of the front cash register.

One woman who used to work as a storefront manager said she was fired after just three months because she told a higher-up about bad behavior. The woman told the Free Press that a lot of the problems were caused by overzealous management at the corporate level.

It’s not clear if these problems are why Tiber River gave up on MLM.

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