Beware of Faraday Hosseinipour & Inifinity2global- Review

Faraday Hosseinipour has been given a prison sentence of 2.5 years.

Hosseinipour was sentenced on January 5 after being found guilty of mail and securities fraud in September.

After February 3, PreTrial Services will let Hosseinipour (on the right) know when she has to turn herself in. She still has to follow the rules of her release bond until then.

Infinity2Global was an MLM Ponzi scheme with a casino theme that started in 2013.

As a top promoter of the scam, Hosseinipour was charged in 2017 with stealing $800,000 from people who used Infinity2Global.

In December, Richard Maike, the founder of Infinity2Global, was given ten years in prison. Doyce Barnes got a 4-year sentence for helping to plan the crime.

Since then, Maike has tried to change his sentence.

In the future, on February 3, the court will decide how much Hosseinipour, Maike, and Barnes will have to pay back.

Dennis Dvorin and Jason Syn, the last two I2G defendants, have yet to go to trial. No date has been set, though.

In July, Dvorin and Lyn were taken out of the main I2G trial so that the court could work more quickly.

Dvorin and Lyn are likely to go to court sometime after February 2023.

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