Beware of Joseph Cammaratar & Investview- Review

Joseph Cammarata, the former CEO of Investview, is still having trouble paying his lawyers.

The court had already said that legal fees of $2 million could be taken out of an asset freeze. Cammarata says that those funds ran out before his first trial for a crime.

Cammarata (on the right) filed a pro se motion under seal on December 30 for his recovery scam case.

From the judge’s order on the motion, it looks like Cammarata’s motion asked for him to be allowed to stay at home. Cammarata is being kept in a Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at the moment.

Cammarata also said that his current lawyers, Cohen Williams LLP, wouldn’t file any motions on his behalf because they had a conflict of interest.

All of the money that was given to Cohen Williams for legal fees was spent before the trial even started.

The judge turned down Cammarata’s motion because he had a lawyer and wasn’t allowed to file motions on his own.

The judge told Cohen Williams to “verify this statement” about the legal fees claim.

provide a list, under seal, of how much of the $2,000,000 released for fees and costs has been spent as of January 18, 2023, so that the Court can review it behind closed doors.

In the SEC case docket for Cammarata, he asked for the funds that the SEC had frozen to be released on January 4.

Cammarata says that the 6th Amendment was broken because the money was “improperly frozen.”

Cammarata also said more about what was going on with him and Cohen Williams.

I talked to Cohen Williams in early December 2021 and told them in writing that I wanted to hire them. However, the SEC had illegally frozen all of my assets, and I could not pay them the $2M minimum they needed to be hired without the SEC releasing it.

I told them I had about $350,000 in bitcoins, but that wasn’t enough.

As was already said, Cohen Williams was paid in the end, but…

I was told that all of the money paid to Cohen Williams for legal fees had already been spent before the trial even started.

They said they would help me get through the sentencing process, but they wouldn’t file any motions.

Cammarata also says that he and Cohen Williams have “strategic ongoing differences.”

On January 5, the court said no to Cammarata’s request to get the money.

Cammarata says in his motion for the release of funds that he is “getting ready for another criminal trial in New Jersey on January 23, 2023.”

Since Cammarata was only charged with tax fraud in September 2022, this seemed a bit quick.

Taking a look at the tax fraud docket for Cammarata, a hearing to set a trial date is set for January 23.

Cammarata should be taken from the Detention Center in Pennsylvania to the hearing in New Jersey.


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