Beware of Paparazzi – Review Part 3

Paparazzi has reached agreements with three defendants who were accused of leaking private information.

If the agreement is approved, Melissa Sorenson, Kylee Robinette, and Jennifer Dyer will agree to a permanent injunction.

Under the terms of the settlement injunction, Paparazzi’s private information can’t be used or tried to get again.

Also, Sorenson, Robinette, and Dyer will have to;

  • They had to get rid of any private information they had about Paparazzi, help with the discovery process, and testify for Paparazzi if they were called as the case against the other defendants went on.
  • They also had to sign a mutual non-disparagement agreement.
    If the settlement injunction’s terms are broken,

The party who broke the agreement will have to pay the party who was hurt by the breach $10,000 in “liquidated damages.”

Aside from that, there is no money involved in the deal that was made.

Even though the settlement was filed on December 13, it looks like it was reached in October.

Back in the middle of 2022, Paparazzi sued nine people for leaking secret information. In August, Renee Burgess seems to have found a place to live.

Geraldine Souza, Morgan Ferguson, Jaime Robinson, Jennifer Carrol, and Kimberly Drewry are the five people who are still being charged.

Looking ahead, a meeting to talk about the current situation and plans has been set for January 18. I think that the agreed-upon settlement will be approved either before or at the hearing.

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