Beware of UnicornCycler- Review

On its website, UnicornCycler doesn’t give any trustworthy information about who owns or runs the company.

“Alex Goltsev from Poland” is said to have started the company. I couldn’t figure out if Goltsev is a real person or not.

The website domain for UnicornCycler, “,” was registered privately on November 20, 2022.

If an MLM company isn’t clear about who owns or runs it, you should always think twice before joining or giving them any money.

The Products of UnicornCycler
UnicornCycler has no products or services that can be sold.

Affiliates can only market the affiliate membership to UnicornCycler.

The pay plan for UnicornCycler
Affiliates of UnicornCycler buy subscriptions to a $2 per day matrix cycler.

Pay $17 for the 7 Days Sub Pack and get $14 in subscription payments.
Pay $15 for the 15 Days Sub Pack and get $30 in subscription payments.
30 days Pay $65 and get $60 in subscription payments (Sub Pack).
Payments for subscriptions are taken out at a rate of $2 per day, which matches the length of the subscription.

When you buy a $2 position every day, you get into the first tier of the matrix cycler on UnicornCycler.

Tier 1 is a 41 matrix, which means that for a cycle to start, all four spots below must be filled.

When a cycle is triggered, $2 is paid out, and the position “cycles” into tier 2.

From here, the process is the same. Each cycle of the tiers makes a new 41 matrix that needs to be filled:

Tier 2: Fill all four spots and get $4. Two dollars are put toward daily subscription payments, and you move on to Tier 3.
Tier 3: Fill all four spots, get $8, and move on to Tier 4. Tier 4: Fill all four spots, and get $30.
One $2 subscription spot can earn a total of $42 in payment.

Recruitment Commissions
Affiliates of UnicornCycler who bring in new affiliates are paid and given bonuses in the following ways:

When an affiliate I recruited comes out of Tier 2, I make $1.
When an affiliate I recruited comes out of Tier 3, I get $2.
personally recruited affiliate cycles out of Tier 4 = $6 commission and $3 put toward daily subscription payments
UnicornCycler affiliate membership doesn’t seem to cost anything.

To fully take part in the attached income opportunity, you need to buy a $17–$65 Sub Pack.

If a UniCornCycler affiliate wants to keep making money after their subscription balance is gone, they must buy a new Sub Pack.

The End of UnicornCycler
Unicorn Cycler is just a straightforward Ponzi scheme.

You sign up, pay money, recruit people or wait for people to be recruited under you, and as long as recruitment is going on, you hope to steal money that other people have invested.

Like all Ponzi schemes, UnicornCycler needs new money to buy “Sub Packs” to keep the scheme from falling apart.

Even though this is a clear flaw, UniCorn Cycler says;

Unlike other Cyclers that stop moving after 48 hours when the momentum is gone! Unicorn Cycler is a long-term payment plan that is revolutionary and unique. It was made by an MLM genius.

Never will UncornCycler stop. This is because a steady flow of positions from members’ sub-wallets keeps pushing the system every day. GENIUS!

Every day, the system puts out new positions to move up older ones. You just keep on earning.

UnicornCycler only puts off the inevitable by breaking up position investments into smaller $2 pieces every day.

Ponzi cyclers are systems with a closed loop. What is paid in goes back to the first investors, and the scam falls apart if there aren’t always new people to take the bait.

UnicornCycler is a Ponzi scheme, so when it fails, matrices will start to stop working. Those who have lost money in stalled matrices won’t renew their Sub Pack subscriptions because of this.

This will stop people from giving money to the Ponzi scheme. When enough UnicornCycler matrices have stopped working, an irreversible collapse happens.

The math shows that most people who take part in Ponzi schemes will lose money.

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