Beware of Intelligence Prime Capital – Review

Intelligence Prime Capital doesn’t want to just get away with what they’ve stolen, so it’s setting up investors for more losses.

The forex trading scam is no longer working. So now Intelligence Prime Capital is an MLM crypto Ponzi scheme.

Intelligence Prime Capital announced at the end of March that they had set up their move to crypto fraud with IPCloud.

IPCloud is now bigger because IUSD and IPC, two Ponzi coins, have been added.

IUSD is shown as each being worth $1. It gives Intelligence Prime Capital a reason to convert USD monopoly money back office amounts to a shitcoin that they can dump at any time.

IPC tokens will now be used for the Ponzi part of the business.

Affiliates of IPCapital are encouraged to buy IPC tokens for 5 to 8 cents each after converting their USD balances in the back office to IUSD.

It hasn’t been said yet whether IPC tokens will just be paid back if they are invested or if there will also be a way to “stake” them.

When it’s time to cash out, IPC tokens will be changed back into IUSD on the back end. IUSD will then be paid out to people inside the company or sold on public exchanges.

Intelligence Prime Capital’s new phase of crypto fraud might begin with internal withdrawals, but since the original Ponzi scheme failed, that won’t last for long.

As part of the public exchange exit scam, ISDU will be dumped on questionable exchanges. Affiliates rush to get their money, and whatever fake value ISUD had to start with falls.

The lesson here is that a Ponzi scheme is over when it falls apart. Intelligence Prime Capital will have to jump through more and more hoops to get anything out.

Existing investors think they have a lot of money to cash out, but they can’t. This will make it hard to get new money. Why waste good money on bad things?

That, in turn, makes people less likely to join, and so the Ponzi death spiral keeps going.

Oh, and then there are the corporate shenanigans and “regulators!” nonsense, which disappears when it’s time to ask for more money.

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