Beware of Awakend & Zenith – Review

Awakend has said that it will ship out a new Zenith because its capsules don’t dissolve well enough.

Awakend co-founder Rodney James said in a corporate webinar held earlier today that the problem was found because distributors told them about it.

[10:37] We care about what you have to say. And we’ve heard some things about the Zenith product that make us worry.

People have said, “Hey, I’m taking the product and giving it to someone else whole. The capsule is not breaking up.”

We told our manufacturers about this feedback, and they sent us test results that showed these capsules did break down in the right amount of time and met the testing protocols.

We used that information to go out and help other teams figure out what was wrong. And we kept getting so much feedback that… well, you know what? We had a feeling something wasn’t right, so we said, “I think we need to do our testing at a certified lab.”

So, we sent it out, and late Monday night this week, we got the results. The results showed that the capsules did not meet the standard. They didn’t break down in the right amount of time.

So, we’ve been working behind the scenes to come up with something that fits with Awakend’s overall goal.

Because Zenith capsules were hard to dissolve, James said that Awakend would be sent to distributors and customers instead of Zenith.

[12:05] Since the product didn’t pass the testing standards, we will offer a program to replace the product for everyone who bought it.

You don’t need to send the item back. No, you don’t need an RMA. You don’t need to talk to customer service.

Anyone who bought Zenith will get a new product in its place.

[12:45] As a “win back” campaign, we will send anyone who has returned the product more than once an extra bottle for free. This is because quite a few people have already done this.

James’s wife goes on to say that Awakend has changed the company that makes its capsules. In February, they expect to get a new Zenith in their warehouse.

On Monday, Awakend is said to have stopped sending out its original, broken Zenith.

Outside of the problems, Awakened is having right now, I can’t find anything wrong with their plan. It’s the right thing to do to replace a broken product at no cost to the customer.

Even though it’s a marketing move, giving customers and distributors who return products a free bottle is a great idea.

Awakened is currently in a patent dispute with Zenith over the original Trisynex formula that Zenith planned to use. In the meantime, Awakend is sending out Zenith with a formula made from Celadrin.

The trial, which starts on March 28, 2023, is where the Trisynex patent dispute is likely to be settled.

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