Beware of Evolve Markets & OmegaPro – Review

Last month, OmegaPro told everyone that its Ponzi exit scam, Broker Group, was coming to an end.

If we look at the website’s source code, we notice something strange:

“evolve. markets” is mentioned 53 times in different places.

Evolve Markets is a platform for trading cryptocurrencies that doesn’t seem to be related to OmegaPro or Broker Group.

A reader of BehindMLM got in touch with Evolve Markets, and they confirmed this by email.

In an email from their customer service sent on January 10, Evolve Markets says

Broker Group is just one con artist who happened to copy (a better word would be stolen) the layout of our front page so that his website would load faster.

He took the layout we made for our website, as well as different parts of it, such as some icons.

We never would have let anyone copy or use any of the information on our website.

When we wrote about how OmegaPro went bankrupt, BehindMLM said that Broker Group’s website was put together quickly last month.

On a technical level, Broker Group’s website is made with WordPress and Elementor.

As a result of this careless copying and pasting, some assets on Broker Group’s website link to those of Evolve Markets, which means they don’t work.

On Broker Group’s home page, there is a “learn more” button that is one of these assets:

This button leads to a page on the domain “” that does not exist. Bangladesh is home to the web development company Sysnoma.

On Sysnoma’s linked portfolio page, you can find a link to…

Which link goes to Md Showkat A’s profile.

Sysnoma’s website says that Showkat Chowdhury is one of the co-founders of the company:

This was mentioned in an email from Evolve Markets’ support team, which also said;

There is nothing else we know about this person or what they do.

But based on the fact that he copied our website and its content, we would strongly advise you not to invest in that person or give them any personal information.

We hope this is of some use to you.

It’s not clear if Sysnoma runs a Broker Group or just set up the website that OmegaPro used to run their exit scam.

We do know that Broker Group is a “Know Your Customer” black hole.

Broker Group is collecting the following KYC information from OmegaPro investors:

  • Whether or not you have a job and how much money you have (proof required via bank statement, employer pay statement, tax payment form, crypto wallet statement, or online trading wallet statement)
  • where and how any claimed wealth came from (supporting financial documents requested)
  • proof of any assets or property that were just sold
  • proof that you own any stocks or bonds
  • financial and business information about any companies you own
  • if you are a retiree, show proof of your income.
  • if you got money from an inheritance, proof of that
    Investors in OmegaPro are finding out that no matter what they give Broker Group, their KYC application is always turned down.

What seems to be going on is that information is being collected, most likely to sell on the black market.

Until the government takes action, we don’t know how many people OmegaPro hurt or how much they lost.

On December 30, OmegaPro shut down its social media accounts. Andreas Szakacs was in charge of the Ponzi scheme that failed…

Dilawar Singh…

…and Mike Sims:

Szakacs and Singh are both from different countries: Sweden for Szakacs and Germany for Singh. In 2020, they ran away and went to Dubai. Mike Sims is a US citizen who lives in Florida at the moment.

Investors aren’t getting their money back, so OmegaPro’s co-founders are living it up on their dime.

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