Beware of Ruja Ignatova & OneCoin – Review

Attorneys for OneCoin founder Ruja Ignatova have put in a claim for a £13.5 million penthouse in London that was left empty.

A paywall-protected article from The Times says,

Ignatova’s lawyers have made a formal claim to a London penthouse with four bedrooms and a price tag of £13.5 million. They have listed her as the “beneficial owner” of the property with Companies House.

Abbots House Penthouse Limited, a Guernsey “shell” company, is the owner of the property. It means that Ignatova’s name doesn’t have to be on public records or land registry documents.

Ignatova is one of the 10 people the FBI wants the most right now.

She is also wanted by Interpol because Germany has put out an international warrant for her arrest.

If you’re wondering how Ignatova could still own a penthouse in the UK, it’s because the UK government has been careless for a long time.

The FCA giving compliance approval to a known OneCoin money launderer will always be a classic.

When it comes to Ignatova’s London penthouse, however, the City of London Police giving up on their OneCoin investigation in 2019 is likely the crown jewel of incompetence.

By putting the blame on the US government, CoLP said

There are no OneCoin assets in the UK that they could go after to pay back OneCoin users.

It seems that a £13.5 million penthouse full of expensive art and who knows what else that was bought with stolen OneCoin Ponzi money doesn’t count as a “UK-based OneCoin asset.”

As for the Companies House shell company nonsense, BehindMLM has been calling out UK shell company fraud for years.

The rise of cryptocurrency and the city with the most scams Dubai has taken some of the pressure off of Companies House, but it’s still as easy as ever for fake UK shell companies to scam consumers out of millions of dollars.

I think that once the UK government gives Ruja Ignatova the green light to take back her penthouse, it will be sold and the money will be laundered overseas.

It’s not clear if the FBI will step in and force their UK counterparts to do their jobs again.

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