Beware of Tori Belle – Review Part 3

Bank of America has won an $831,505.83 judgment against Tori Belle because she didn’t show up in court.

In September 2022, BoA filed its lawsuit. In their complaint, BoA said that a credit debt of $500,000 had not been paid.

In July 2021, Tori Belle opened a credit account with BoA. By the beginning of 2022, Tori Belle had reached her credit limit of $500,000 and had racked up another $243,573.19 in credit card debt.

By the middle of 2022, Tori Belle was no longer paying BoA every month.

BoA told Tori Belle in June 2022 that it was in default “and asked for payment of the past-due amounts.”

BoA also closed the credit account and told Tori Belle that even though they wouldn’t be charged any more money, they were still responsible for the balance.

According to a statement filed on December 6, 2022;

(Tori Belle) still owes BANA $500,000 in principal on the Line of Credit, plus interest of $9,291.66, plus $3697.76 in field examination costs, plus the balance on the Card Account of $243,573.19, for a total of $756,562.61 in debt.

On August 3, 2022, BoA’s complaint was sent to Tori Belle. On August 4, papers were given to owners Laura Hunter and Robert Kitzberger.

BoA filed a complaint, but none of the three people involved replied.

So, on December 6, BoA filed for a default judgment. On December 7, the court agreed with BoA’s request.

In August 2022, LashLiner, the company that owns Tori Belle, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The proceedings don’t seem to change BoA’s lawsuit or judgment in any way.

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