Beware of Mirollex & Mirollex- Review

If you believe the Terms and Conditions on BloxTec’s website, the people who ran the Mirollex Ponzi scheme are back with a new one.

According to BloxTec’s rules,

Bloxtec Inc., which is legally connected to Mirollex, has the right to change these terms at any time without giving notice or giving a reason.

The Terms of Service for BloxTec were made on September 27. In February 2021, the website domain for the company was privately registered.

At the time this was written, Bloxtec’s website didn’t say anything about Mirollex.

When Mirollex came out in late 2020, investors were promised 6.8% a day.

Boris, the CEO of Mirollex, came clean about being an actor in early May 2021.

Mirollex started its exit scam on May 18, and it was over by May 23.

It is thought that con artists from eastern Europe ran Mirollex.

BloxTec says it is run out of the UK through a company called BlockTech Limited, which is just a front.

There is a reason why a UK shell company is used. Companies House, which is in charge of the business in the UK, lets anyone start a shell company for a small fee and without any checks.

BloxTec affiliates put anywhere from $10 to $3,000 into bitcoin, with the promise that they will get up to 15% back every day.

On bitcoin invested by affiliates you recruited, you get a 5% commission on a single level.

As with Mirollex, BloxTec will fail as soon as affiliate withdrawals exceed new investments.

The math shows that most people who take part in Ponzi schemes will lose money.

Update: October 20, 2021: BloxTec is now running a scam called “advanced fee scam.”

Affiliate investors must pay a fee before they can get their money back.

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