Beware of Vitae – Review Part 2

Vitae is pleading with its victims to give money to a fund for legal defense.

The pitch sees donations of Vitae frames as a

chance to get back into your property or money for a small fee, starting at 10€.

Michael Weber, who used to promote BitConnect and ran a Ponzi scheme called Vitae, was in charge of it.

Vitae was a typical MLM shitcoin scheme where you could buy vitae tokens, Lambos, moons, etc.

In reality, Weber moved newly invested money around to pay withdrawals from existing affiliates and commissions for recruiting new people into the pyramid.

In August 2020 Weber added Vitae Rain, a credit Ponzi scheme.

In June 2021, Belgian officials put an end to the Ponzi scheme and arrested two of its top leaders.

The court is still hearing about that case.

Weber, who now goes by the name Michael Bradley, says that BehindMLM shut down Vitae.

The website wrote an article that said I was a fraud and that the website was a Ponzi scheme.

This was the JUST CAUSE for the Prosecutors to look into Vitae AG and shut down the website.

After using this website’s report as the basis for their investigation, the prosecutors of Vitae AG now have NO JUST CAUSE for their investigation and are quickly losing ground.

Almost everything they used to investigate came from this one website, which is a big deal.

Since Vitae. co shut down, has started a case against the Belgium Government for breaking INTERNATIONAL LAW. said that “funds” from users were stolen in the form of vitae tokens, but there was no real proof of fraud or that Vitae. co was a “Ponzi scheme.”

When investigators wrote their first report about Vitae, they used as a source to show that Vitae is a scam and to explain why they were doing the investigation.

Weber put that on Vitae’s private Telegram channel a few weeks ago.

Weber’s tirade has a lot to unpack, but the most obvious point is that as a civilian, you can’t “prosecute” Belgian authorities.

Second, it would be nice if you could write a review and shut down a scam, but that’s not how regulation or law enforcement works.

Authorities, not just in Belgium but all over the world, use BehindMLM as a reliable source. But officials still have to check the information for themselves.

A government official can’t just show up in court with a complaint that says “BackMLM says…”

Yes, they could, but it wouldn’t work.

In the case of Vitae, Belgian authorities likely got a complaint, and BehindMLM’s review of Vitae’s scam got their investigation going.

The websites of Vitae were taken and people were arrested because of that investigation.

The main thing to take away from this is that the information on BehindMLM is good enough for authorities to trust. It’s not everything they can count on, but it’s enough to start an investigation.

Vitae gives victims “a plan to follow.” This is similar to what Success by Health tried to do to the FTC, but it didn’t work.

We’d like to ask you all again to answer this call for help in a big way.

When you look at the bigger picture, it’s unlikely that Vitae will be able to get Belgium to legalize Ponzi schemes.

Even so, scammers still hire lawyers and try to get their victims to pay legal fees. So now we’re here.

His accomplices have been caught in Belgium, but Michael Weber is still on the run in the US.

It’s not clear if US police are working with their Belgian counterparts. At least in public, they haven’t done anything against Weber yet.

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